Arnold .tx file conversion to any image file format


Can Arnold .tx file be converted to any image file format like .jpg .tif . exr ???
It is easy to convert an image file to .tx file by Tx manager in Arnold menu. But how could it be done reverse?

There is some reason that original image data is no longer exist but only .tx file remains.

Please give me any advice. Thx :slight_smile:


The .tx extension is not a file format by it’s own. Normally the maketx tool creates tiff files and rename the extension to .tx. You can check it by renaming them to tif or simply try to open it in an image viewer like imf_disp.

But there is no guarantee that the file contains a tiff file, they can contain a exr file as well. In most cases you can open a .tx file with an imag viewer and save it under another format. But of course some advanced information like mip levels will be lost.


Thank you very much. Renaming tx into tiff, correct it and than rename it back - works.


I’ve just tried changing .tx to .exr and it works


I’ve encoutered the same problem, and find a solution to convert tx file to any other image file like png. the tx file is in ACEScg linear space, so you need to convert the image from ACEScg to sRGB color space.