Arnold sun & Sky System


Hi everyone

I’ve used to use Vray as my preferred render, but now I try to switch to Arnold. Everything was good until I tried to use it’s physical sun & sky system. What make me feel confusing is that Arnold cuts the sky at the horizon, so everything underneath horizon just appears black. I’ve searched for solution on many sites including the official Solid Angle site, but it seams that it’s just the way Arnold works. That’s make me even more confusing - on the one hand, Arnold is considered as one of the most advanced render engines on the market, on the other hand, how it is possible that it doesn’t have such a basic thing? Am I the only one who need it?

So I wonder how should I approach lighting exterior scene in Arnold? Assume I have scene with open field, I have no opportunity to hide the horizon behind other objects, what can I do?

Result from Arnold

Result from Vray (as for me, this one looks much more pleasant)