Arnold - Querying available shaders


Hello all! I am trying to use the python API to pull all the available shaders and other shading nodes has to offer. I originally was hoping that they would have args files like renderman however this does not appear to be the case unless I just am not finding them. Can someone point me to the correct resources or examples? Thanks!


So I found that a great way to get node info is to use the Katana Args files. This gives me useful info but does not give me outputs. If anyone knows a good way to get these would be super helpful!


Replying a bit late but you can use the arnold executable kick and run this (in a subprocess) to get all the nodes installed in arnold.

kick -nodes t

This would print all the nodes by type so you can grep for shaders (or filters, etc.). If you have your own shaders added in the ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH then those would show up as well (or you can explicitly link them with the -l <>).

I’m sure there is a way to do this using the arnold python api as well.