Arnold 5 and metalness



I am reading up on Arnold 5 and the new AI Standard Surface. In the documentation it says:

Metal’s normally have a black or very dark base color.

This is in accordance with i.e. Substance Painter which has black Albedo for metals. When I set the Base Color to black and Metalness to 1, it does not behave as expected. It reflects at the edges, but not in the center. But if I put the base color to white I get full chrome-like reflections. And further down in the documentation it lists example colors for misc. metals. None of those colors are dark.

Can anyone shed some light on this?



From the documentation, “For a perfectly sharp and mirror-like reflection, increase*Metalness*to 1 and reduce*Specular Roughness*to 0. The*Base Weight*should also be set to 1”

I see your point though. All the examples listed seem to have a high value (a light color) for its base color, so I’d like some information on that too.