Architecture video, how to recreate this house "building up"?


Hi everyone,
I’m a student and I’m modelling a villa, now my question is:
except for the modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering, and so on… how to obtain this “building in progress” effect?
is it all done in 3D? is it After FX? Anyone got any idea about the workflow, please?

Thanks in advance.

ps: my first thought is that, when all is modelled, they create this effect moving things backward, making them disappear from the complete building to an empty area.


i think the video uses 3dsmax, vray and rail clone probably itoo forestpack,
there are many 3dsmax scripts to do animation

some of the scripts free others paid for.

to answer your question:

is it possible in maya see onouris MASH reply, it does similar operation to 3dsmax script.
think you are going to be a MASH pro user to do so though

or free scripts for maya sure there are others

(generally “real cad generated” architectural rendering and animation is done in 3dsmax)
try and find an architectural render job that uses maya, virtually none.
occasionally maya and cinema4d are used.

buildings for movies, mostly maya, houdini and 3dsmax.
(houdini hardest to animate as less help is given by the program)


don’t listen to that guy he doesn’t know shit about what he is talking about with his nonsense endless textbook edited +100 times , he has issues.
he keeps talking about others softwares but barely touched them. And the funniest part is that he keeps coming here rather than using any other software.:man_facepalming:

So for your problem you can easily do this with MASH by setting the distribution to initial state and play with th offset node , delay etc to have some fancy animations.


not really relevant to your post, but you are referencing a youtube video

i still think it is easier and much quicker to build architecture in 3dsmax than it is in maya,
due to 3dsmax having splines, a modifier stack, grouped instances, and easy instance to object,
and 3dsmax loft pipes maintain an even crossection… there will be a lot more poly
modelling in maya.

if the building is flat, 90 degree angles maya will be ok, wierd stuff happens to crossections in maya
outside 90 degrees, ie vertex spikes and poly overlaps that need manual cleanup less so in 3dsmax.

maya has off the shelf simple plants, and mash may replace paid for 3dsmax scripts.

3dsmax has a bigger paid for asset base to fill your architecture scenes.

do i prefer maya or 3dsmax,houdini or cinema4d , no, i want all functions in maya, as is vfx standard


Thank you very much for your answer, I’ll try it with MESH ! I am not a VFX artist I’m an experienced photographer and videographer and I’m just able to use Maya (not expert, basic I’d say) and FCP X so I’m learning this stuffs XD

To be honest I’m not very familiar with MESH, I’ll watch a couple of tutorials first, and hint or tricks or links please to something related/recommended?

Cunnax thank you for your text but, honestly I can’t read it all. I get lost. Where’s the answer? Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance.


intrigued to know how you would do it in mash,
i can see one part a being offset and delayed
but unless its an instance of part a,

how do you get other parts, b,c,d given the same offset
and then different delay.

do you have to do a seperate mash network for each piece
as you cannot seem to plug the same offset node into different
mash networks in node editor.

id node just randomises position, want an id node that stores start position of all parts.
and an id node for pattern

or is animate by hand quicker, though see easy acess to offset and delay slider


They seem very basic animations. You can easily replicate them by modeling each component of the houses independently and animating their translation and scale mainly. It is a long manual work but not hard. Only for modular things like planks you need mash.


Thanks for your answer VenDerGoes!

please, could you explain to me “simply” what would be the workflow to obtain that effect cause sincerely I can’t figure it out… I’d really appreciate that man!!! thanks a lot on advance!!!



i know the others will go into meltdown, using as an example only,
maybe others can think how it might be done similarly in mash or bifrost

but blender also has a similar system to mash
Blender 2.9 | 3D House construction animation Tutorial | CG Guru

presumambly depends on house parts object order in the collection…

i only put this here as in mash not sure how you would put all the parts of the house
in mash easily, as blender appears to do.

your issue will be getting the animation out of blender as need to bake keys in animation nodes editor part of tutorial
then output as fbx/alembic


animation node in blender is crappy slow as hell as soon as you add stuff.
@rISO You have a bunch of Mash tutorials on the maya learning channel (also other youtube channel) just get familiar with the tool.


@cunnax THANKS A LOT MAN, this is Exactly what I was looking for and I couldn’t find!


Thanks again to @Onouris and @cunnax for the help,
I’ve tried both Mash and Blender nodes but unsuccessfully so I went for a keyframe at position, another out of the screen, and moved all the keyframes slightly :smiley: solved like that :smiley: thanks again for the help!

Have a nice weekend :slight_smile: