ArashRM_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


These are 100% digital? You had me fooled a bit that they were real inks too.


Loving the dog, but I still prefer the Raven one because of the eye hahaha :slight_smile:


Always cool pieces Aarasch!


oh those damn enaculated eyes!! ;))


Hey Michael, yes they are 100% digital. As I see your works, you are into pen&ink sort of traditional illustration, same here man, love it. But for this challenge, I thought give the digital ink illustration a go; I started using Kyle’s ink box, and let me tell you, it’s loads of fun… nothing to replace the traditional inking, but it has its own charm. Cheers


Appreciate it!! :slight_smile: same for yours!


last one is one of the best. the inking you do digitally looks so natural.