AR on website (no App use)


Hello everyone

I’m a designer who can model in 3ds max.
I want to make a simple website with AR.
I’ll make a 3D scene with the object I want to project and a plane for coordinating it to the world.
The code should place the 3D scene above the webcom input, putting the plane on an image.

So, the question is - what’s the code for that?
It should have a link for the 3d object and a link for the coordinating image.


You can do this in

  1. Import your assets and build the scene
  2. Use the Brio behaviors to add interactivity
  3. Press Publish. The link creates a viewer which works in VR/AR or in 2d on your phone or desktop. For AR you need to use the webAR Browser on the Google Play store. The same link will work for that.

Screenshots of the latest quality we have today.