AqBullet and AqMesher is out!


Today we are pleased to announce that AqBullet and AqMesher are now available on website!
AqBullet is bullet physics based dyanamics plugin.
AqMehser is openVDB based meshing and levelset plugin.
Please check it!


Today, We released “Lite” version of AqBullet and AqMesher on our website. Both plugins are FREE!!
AqBullet Lite can access rigid body simulation with constraint.
AqMesher Lite can access Particle / Object vertexes meshing with crop function.
Please try it!


Do you need a license to render with this plugin? Like if I have one license on my work PC and submit it to a render farm, would that work or do I need a license for each machine?


You don’t need license for network rendering.
AqBullet add simulation result to object keyframe or PointCache.
AqMesher has unlimited network rendering.