Applying the Same Rig to Other Characters


Hi Everyone,

I am working on a short animated film and before the composition, I thought that it would be possible to reapply the same rig to similar characters by unlocking group controls and locking them back. However, as I “duplicate” or “duplicate special” the rig with controls collapses (Image below).

My question would be – is there a way to duplicate the rig and keep all controls along with its skeleton and attributes?

If it’s possible it would save me tons of time from building similar rigs for the other five characters. If it is not possible, well I’ll get more experience with rigging :joy: .

Thank You Very Much for Your Help!,


Solved, it’s nothing much really. You just have to save the character into a new .ma file i. e. “Character1” and then open the older file where all of your characters are, import the “”, unbind skin from the imported model and you have the same second rig.