Apply Subdivision Surface directly on the selected Object


Hello, im serching for a script that allows you to put subdivision surface to a selected object(withouthaving to hold Alt), im assuming that it allows you to assign the SDS as a parent, im willing to take that script and use it for different mograph objects, any thing would be much appreciated.


I doubt anybody has scripted stuff that is already built in. What’s the reason to duplicate this functionality? What additional functionality do you expect / what usecase to cover? What prevents you from simply holding Alt?


Im not trying to script an already existing function, i want a python code that allows you to put an sds directly on the selected object, in other words this does not exist, there are scrips out there, first one the hb_devider script but you cant use Undo with it unfortunately and one i found a post about but it dates 8 years back, the script if existed would open much more flexibility options workflow wise and how you tend to use it it depends on you, adding that im willin to use that code for more similar operations.


Okay, then I may just misunderstand you. My current understanding of what you want is just like Alt-(click SDS icon) which creates an SDS as parent of the selected object, taking over its position. This already works for several selected objects at once, creating a separate SDS each.
But if that is not what you want, I just don’t get it.
HB_Divider exists as part of the HB Modeling Bundle and is still available for all newer C4D versions, but it’s not creating an SDS but increasing the subdivisions on objects (including SDS, but not adding it).
I don’t know what other post from 8 years back you mean. Do you have a link?


No problem my man, actually the hb devider adds an SDS when the object is not a premitive one, eather way i figure it out, i took Hb_group from the same collection and changed it, the script groupe the selected object under a null or several objects each under a null, i changed the SDK ID of the null in the script into the SDS ID, it worked just fine.

Here you go the link tou wanted

Have a nice day.


Fine, good that you found a solution already…