apply locked mapping to animated volume particles


I’ve got a realflow simulation of a human into max and pflow its from a solid emitter so the volume of the human figure is full of particles.
On frame 0 I’ve got the human skin texture mapped onto all the particles from the original object that’s aligned with it using the mapping object operators after frame 1 (when the particles disperse the mapping gets messy…

I need to find a way to lock the surface material to the surface particles
but I’m not sure how to do it. I would assume its in the mapping operator?

also… is there away to assign mapping or a different material to to the inner volume particles? this is less important but would be good to know! using ,particles ID? perhaps?



The Mapping Object operator in PFlow defaults to Once Per Event Entry, so in theory it should acquire the mapping only on the first frame, and then keep it as the particles move around. So the texture would appear as “sticky”, which is what is usually desirable anyway. I am not sure what you experiencing, a video or screenshots would probably explain it better?

For inside/surface you could use a Data Operator to measure the distance of the particle to the character mesh surface on frame 0 and change the MtlIndex (Material ID) channel accordingly. Again, this must be done only once to avoid constantly reassigning the material IDs as the particles move on later frames.



thanks, so yeah i works well if i just put the objects on the surface its when i have them as volume that the problem happens. I understand what you’re saying about the data operator and i can see how it would work. I’ve just never really used them! Do you know of any quick tuts on what you’re talking about.

Thanks again