Aplied modifiers not displaying in viewport on edit poly



I put some modifiers on a edit poly. I can usally see them on it, but some times some of them just don’t display. This is, the turbosmooth is visible but the noise and the ripple are not. In the image you can see:

  • The edit poly without the modifiers
  • How it should always look
  • How it sometimes looks

Why is it an how can I solve it when it happens? Thanks a lot



click this button


Hello, thanks, I know about that button. But the problem appears when the object is not selected at all. It’s similar to when, in autocad, you can’t see shapes the way they are and you just use “Regen” and it all suddenly looks fine. Something like that is what I’m looking for…


I see what you are saying. Can you upload that piece of geometry for inspection?


Hi James, thanks for your help but since I’m a new user the website won’t let me upload the file…


you can put it on dropbox, google drive etc if you like