AOV overrides using python Maya 2018


Hello all,
Let’s say I have 10 render layers and I want to override a number of aovs for only certain layers. Is there a way to do this using python in Maya 2018?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Okay this is probably a bit late:P but what I ended up doing was creating a locator with a custom attribute for the aovs I wanted to control with the attribute and connected up either in node editor or with a script depending on how many I needed to connect up:P

import maya.cmds as mc
selection = #takes your selected aovs.
attr = “” #name of your attribute
loc = “” #name for your locator
for each in selection:
mc.connectAttr(loc + attr, each + “.enabled”, force=True)

Super simple way I knowXD, but it meant I could turn them off for specific render layers :slight_smile: