AoB - Sparkle Shader... Freebie!!


Hy there,

I still had an unfinished plugin laying around from about a year ago, which never made it into production. I finished it up and give it out as Freebie! Note, on my homepage it is not under “Freebies”, as it is a fully grown Cinetool.

From my homepage:

The Sparkle Shader can be used to create an insane amount of ‚flakes‘ on surfaces, which behave correctly in regard to specular lightning and reflections.


• No UVW mapping necessary
• A lot of control and advanced parameters for more complex mappings
• It is a shader, no post effect and therefore interacts with the scene
• Several Flake Layers which can be mixed together individually
• Each Flake Layer has its own settings: Layers, Sparkling, Particle Settings, Specular, Reflection, Fresnel
• The internal Fresnel helps reproducing the „depth“ of the layer and also optimizes rendertimes
• Additional Fresnel slot for shaders
• The Sparkle Shader can be used for example in the Luminance Channel -> You still can control Reflection and the Specular of the material independently
• Within the AR, the shader can raytrace reflections
• Very small memory footprint, does not need any internal maps
• Works with Subpolygon Displacement (SPD)
• In-/Exclude lights per Sparkle-Shader for speed optimization

There is a material-library, which shows many possibilities how to use the shader. It can also be used as a starting point for creating your own materials.

Have fun!

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more images:


WOW ! … those look great :applause:

Many thanks for your generosity :thumbsup:


Absolutely gorgeous shader, thanks for so generously sharing it with the community!


Very nice… thanks for sharing.


Looks like fun.


Just as a heads up - it appears that the shaders are Windows only. I look forward to playing with them once I get bootcamp on my Macbook.


Thank you very much for this great shader ! :buttrock:


Wow! Beautiful! thank you so much!


Just amazing. Thanks a lot!



Nice, thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:


amazing shader which unfortunately I can’t use as I am on a mac. :cry: :cry:


Windows only … :shrug:
lol, no wonder it doesn’t work on my iMac :cry:


I was just trying to get this to work (on my Mac). The contentlibrary is working, but no shader in my scene. Now I know why. Lucky Windows-users!



Time to get a PC :sad:


I’d sooner cut off and eat my own face.


With chilli sauce on it.


That can be arranged.
-Bill Gates


Hy again,

MAC BUILD :slight_smile:

So, go get it!

The Mac builds are kindly provided by Arndt von Koenigsmarck (,

Have fun!


Btw.: I hope I put the versions correctly together. If a version does not work right yet, give me a note.


Great stuff, lovely job André & Arndt - works great in R16 Mac. Fast too! I can see this being really useful.

Thanks again - C