Anyone using Vue?


My name is Barry Marshall, Community Administrator at e-on.
Is there anyone actively using Vue?

Here’s a link to my gallery at DA:



I think it is a pity that the CGTalk for Vue subforum is dormant
. it could be a nice place to discuss use of Vue as part of a pipeline or Xstream integration with other 3D software, for example. But most of the activity seems to be on Facebook now or at Cornucopia/E-ons own forum :shrug:
Myself I am doing computer graphics as a hobby, with emphasis on physics simulation such as water, fire and smoke.


I use Vue along with C4D and other applications. Not for work, it’s a hobby for me.


I have used Vue Infinite and xStream in combination with Cinema 4D in the past. Currently I am in pre-production for a new animated short (personal project), and will use Vue / Plantfactory for landscape creation.


I use Poser Pro and do rending in Vue Complete 2015, still a little buggy but works well.