Anyone get "dare to share" working?


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 The software looks interesting, particularly the rigging/animation... And at $40... But I'm having problems.

I did the "dare to share" but it seems I can't get the code to work. I don't know if it's because I'm linking to my C:\ drive instead of a thumb drive or what? (Personally, I'd prefer the C:\ drive because I only plan on using it on one computer and would rather have my quite-limited number of USB ports available for other things.) Also I haven't heard back from support on the issue, and it's been a bit over a week since I sent them this question.
 I followed the instructions given, used the Key ID generated by the installer (blurred out in pic above), and then put that into the user-key page on the PMG:Messiah website, and then made the .txt file that goes in the root (C:\) directory. So what else is there? Could it be the name I use to log into my computer, encoding of the .txt file (ANSI, unicode, etc.), etc.?
 Is it just me, or are there some problems with the "dare to share" launch? There's also more than one version to download, does this deal supposed to unlock things (like time limit) on the demo or work with the full one? (Right now, it's Win-32 full from the download page.)



First, my install went perfectly. Some issues are pilot error. These may help.

Yes, you can install on C drive, as long as it is at the very root of the C.

When you generated the file, did you copy the entire thing, paste it into notepad, save as ansi? Also some people got tripped up saving an additional “.txt”.

Also…delete your demo version…download the full install of which ever version you purchased.

If you still have problems, you can also check out Setuptab, our main usergroup forum. You may read a specific answer I didn’t think of, but I think you have several possibilities, the main one being using the demo. I don’t believe this can “unlock” the demo as such.

Enjoy messiah. I’ve been using it since it was first created and I LOVE it.



No dice yet. Tried the same code from the installer again at the website now using the provided link and I’m now getting a “bad client ID” error from the web page. Before it provided some XML code for the license file…

Anyhow, removing .txt from the end of the license file in the root directory didn’t help any.


You don’;t want to remove the real extension. Sometimes extensions are hidden, and people were saving a “.txt” in the filename, and then the extension repeated it.

If you still have the original license code, and the usb drive still plugged in, put the “.txt” back, make sure it is at the root of that drive, and make sure the usb is plugged directly to the computer as opposed to a hub.

Then, I would contact customer support at PMG and in the header put “bad client ID” error".



The thing is, I’m trying to get it to hook to the C:\ Drive, which is my computer’s hard disk. There’s text that says you can do that for the Windows version. (I could screen capture it, if you really don’t believe me.) This is because I don’t need to have access to it on more than computer right now. But whether or not what it says regarding the Windows version is true is TBD. Maybe something was changed?

Most software installs seem to go a lot more smoothly. And I don’t mean to bash or anything, the way PMG did this seems well designed. It’s just some tiny little detail that was neglected is making it hang, and now it’s a matter of figuring out what the heck it is.

I am getting help from customer support. So hopefully we can resolve this thing, and my next post involving this software will be a render or some attempt at animation.


Glad you are getting direct help…

Hope to see some of your efforts in the future…



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