Anyone doing Python scripting in MotionBuilder 2016 or any version really?


Im in the process of teaching myself some python scripting for motionbuilder, and was wondering if someone else out there are also doing it and want to spar a bit with me on this?


Sorry for the late reply. Guess there’s not too much going on with MotionBuilder in this forum. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I do a lot of scripting for MB. If you’re getting started, it’s a bit tricky to find good tutorials and the docs aren’t the best. BUT, if you haven’t found this already, it’s a great place to start:


Thanks for getting back to me. Since my post i managed to re-create a partially working script od Daniel Lowes adjustment blending script. In a quite hardcoded and simplified version. Then I got sidetracked, and havent done any further with it. I watched all of Alex’s tutorials which as you also say are a good starting point.

What scripts do you write? I mean for doing what?



I’m a rigger / tech artist at a game company. That means I rig creatures, characters, weapons, etc. Our animation pipeline is in MotionBuilder, so I wrote a pretty extensive set of tools for the animators to perform their everyday tasks such as loading, saving/exporting, etc. plus a toolbox full of things that makes their work quicker.


Hey Jonas,

Glad to see you tried the adjustment blending method. :slight_smile:

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