Any Xfrog user here...?



Did anyone got Xfrog new key for R20…?

I am trying to get but… but no idea they are busy, holding emails for reply or ignoring.
3 weeks now… 3 emails, each email reply in week, I gave my all details but still waiting for reply…!

If Xfrog team is seeing this… please reply.

Thanks. Imran.


more info here, need to be patient little bit…


I know this and they updated me about 6.0.

After giving my information… at least they should update me that you will get free or you have to pay for that. Reply by new key or new purchase link… not keep on weeks waiting…!


Xfrog upgrade link for R20, existing users…?



sorry to revive this old thread, but I’m seeking info on xfrog 6.0 for R20. Does it work? I can’t seem to find much info on the webs.


Xfrog 6.0 for R20 works fine.
Web page still not updated, it shows older version.


thanks. so the 6.0 version is just a R20 compatible - no added features/ functionality?


Not much user but I dont think any new feature added.
Better check with Xfrog.