Any Xfrog plugin user around...?



Are you getting Xfrog plugin updates… for R21, R22, R23…?
From R20 I did not get any. I contacted but getting very slow reply, after months…!



I gave up on XFrog years ago, when they wanted $99 per update with no new features added. It seems to be a software on a very low-key maintenance pattern, no new features in as long as I can remember. I think Forester does the same thing much better nowadays & only charges for new features, not a basic update for a new C4D version. I switched over to it & find the interface much more user-freindly for customising plants myself. They always have the update ready within 1-2 weeks of a new Cinema version.
That said, I do think the XFrog library is a good resource, especially if you buy it in a sale, there are a hell of a lot of real-world plants in there, especially for hero plants. I wish they had some ‘medium-poly’ ones between their hero plants & the ‘billboards’ though.


I dropped XFrog for their update prices, the lag in procuring the update, and their lack of novelties. Then I dropped Forester for their switch to subscription. DPIT Plants was abandoned by the publisher long before DPIT as a whole was cancelled.

Thinking about programming my own plant generator now.


Switch to subscription ? I have Forester & Expansion pack 1 & never had to pay again as I moved from Cinema 4D R20, to R21, to R23.
Their website seems to be selling permanent licences too ?
I am interested in Speedtree though, that’s where I’d be looking if I wanted to expand plant generation, though I haven’t tested it yet.


Thanks guys for your comments.


You did? I will need to look this up, but I clearly remember that they announced (by mail) that the new version would only be subscription (some versions back; I think it happened when C4D switched to online licensing). I even made a note in my plugin list.
Maybe they reverted that decision later. I’ll try to get a new serial for R23, that would be nice to have.


I do vaugley remember something or other like that but then evrything carried on as normal & I forgot about it.