Any simple tutorials for a moving object ball breaking when it makes ocntact with a wall. All tutorials are the opposite


As the title really, there’s so many years of old physicis engines in max, just wondering what the best modern practice is.

Everything seems to be focused on a ball smashing into a wall, and the wall breaking - I want the ball to be moving (animated) up until a point and then it to realistically smash.


well since you’re stuck on max2013…massFX ?

you animate the ball, about to smash into a wall…set the ball to kinematic…ie. has been keyframed…but at a certain frame, you decide, is released and is taken over by the sim and is treated as a dynamic object…

The wall bricks should all be dynamic.


I’m not stuck in 2015, I’m using 2018 - where did you get that from?

Also, just to reiterate - I want to have the ball smash and fracture, not the wall.

so the ball will be keyframed, and then have to fracture and then smash into a static wall.

Kinda the opposite of pretty much every single tutorial in existence.


ah…must be bionicdance I’m thinking of…ok same thing i guess. You’ll have to prefracture the ball…key the pieces moving towards the wall (link all to a dummy, key the dummy)…set kinematic…until the frame just before it hits…BallSmashBallSmash.max (912 KB)


Thanks. Will that take the moment of the animation though? ie, have them all tumbling forward with the momentum?


Sounds like something that mpGlue might work for, haven’t tried it personally outside of softbody dynamics though:


what are you talking about ? scrub my file…NOTHING tumbles…they all go straight forward as per the dummy, then hit the wall and break up…not much more handholding I can do.


I think there may some communication error.
I wanted the fragments to tumble forward (ie means “id est” - in essence, as in basically)

In your test I wasn’t sure if there was any forward momentum, since the wall took all of the hit.

Bit I’ve done it now, thank you very much for your help, it is much appreciated


yeah a very quick test is to simply move the wall back (and leave the release frame at 1) and you’ll see the ball begin to move in a parabolic arc…ie. more natural than roboticly following the dummy.

So if you move the wall back further, then consider the factors:

  • release frame
  • speed/trajectory of the dummy at release frame

and if you even disable the wall altogether (just disable its massFX modifier)…sooner or later the pieces will come apart/tumble

If you need to change the release frame…DON’T do them individually on their modifier (hope you haven’t been doing this)…just select all of them, (easily at frame 0), then in the MassFX panel, on the 3rd tab, change them all at once (need to unbake any keys first)


Thanks, I got it working - the animation linked above is basically exactly what I want it to do.

I just didn’t get that I could bind the pieces and then they would take over when they did… exactly the same principle as the wall… thanks!