Any interest in a tut on making R21 Bodypaint work like Substance Painter?


No promises at all…but I will try to knock something together in the next few days.

Don’t get your hopes up for anything jaw-dropping! haha It’s pretty standard stuff, but it’s HOW I’m proposing using the built-in tools that might be interesting.

And further, Paint 4D by Kent Barber seems to do exactly what I would wish for Bodypaint to be able to do. I don’t currently have a need for it though because I use Substance Painter. However, I will probably touch on the specific feature I find unique in Paint 4D that would make Bodypaint so much more useful.

To do that, I might even need to show some Substance Painter to get the point across.

Thanks for your interest and I’ll try to pull something together.


Oh yeah you were clever enough to mention Adobe,0 and suddenly I’m the one with reading comprehension skills


Yes please do post up a workflow video. Would be great to see how you have approached it. I can then integrate your workflow ideas into 4D Paint. I have been waiting for R21 to come out before I dive back into it and add a few new features and workflows for everyone. Getting a substance like painting experience is 100% doable. You can partially do this by painting masks.

Looking forward to your video! Even if C4D has issues or crashes, just post it up! Good feedback for the Maxon devs.


Substance is owned by Adobe, which is why I mentioned it. Try and keep up.

BTW, I use Affinity Photo and I’m pretty sure not a penny went to Adobe.


Oops sorry I was calling it Paint 4D. my bad. What I’m hoping to accomplish directly in C4D isn’t really on par with Substance Painter (obviously) but would give good basic functionality for users of C4D to get to a nice level using Substance materials.

I’ve seen that your plug allows direct painting using substances through multiple channels and that is close to being there. With this basic painting technique, there is one feature that would really pay off with using Substances and bodypaint. (Minus the current fact that C4D’s Substance plugin falls back to 8-bit. A big no-no with displacement maps)

Kent I will message you to explain. Your plug may already do what I’m hoping to accomplish.


A post of mine about Blender on the CGTalk Blender page received 15 views and no responses, but here on the dedicated C4D page the same few guys keep returning to the topic. Go figure.

The planned Bodypaint tutorial sounded cool. Hopefully the issues getting in the way of it can be overcome in the future.


I will do something. It may end up being a mixture of softwares just showing the basics and some guidance on doing it with Bodypaint. It’s truly nothing groundbreaking, but might help a few!


Exactly, we were talking about Substance, not “3D DCC apps only”, so I still don’t know why you were so defensive about Zbrush.


Skipping through the thread, saw some drama, also somebody ask if they should learn Substance.
Learn Substance: It takes about 3 nights to learn and a few weeks to master.
Next to learning ZBrush as a sculpting app, Substance is the essential painting tool to pick up.


Substance Painter is great (not happy it was bought by Adobe, but I have a perpetual license so that’s okay so far). Even if you only use its most basic functions – like dragging and dropping smart materials – it’s a brilliant texturing tool, and fun to use too,


Same here. I still have a perpetual license, but I must say I’m tempted to add a subscription for the substance source library alone. So many great materials at your finger tip… And you do get to keep and use them in the end.

Substance Designer is quite another beast to master though…


Thank you for the information, but I know what Sybstance Painter is and how it works. Also, subscription is not an obstacle for me - for me it is a great advantage!

In my company, we do many things, e.g. unusual and complicated scientific animations, so please do not give me advice again what I have and what I should not use, because for now Substance was unnecessary. However, from time to time when such a function is needed, I prefer to use the built-in Cinema 4D tools and willingly deepen knowledge in this matter.
I have been sitting in 3D since 1988, since the time of the Amiga computer then PC (sometimes Mac). And I really know what is on the market, I know many programs (from old Lightwave, Realsoft 4D, 3D Studio then 3D Max, Maja, Cinema 4D, Softimage and many others), but today I run a company and I have employees and I try to balance the benefits of solutions . Therefore, please stop persuading me to do what I do not need.

This is the thread about Body Paint in Cinema 4D and I would like it to remain so.

10 years ago (for me it is like a moment ago) Body Paint was the only sensible alternative to painting 3D objects, characters etc. My team worked like that on graphics for xbox 360 games. Although I personally did not use Body Paint tools, because then I sat in Softimage more.

Today I have a slightly different team and I like to look at how to use the tools that I have without costs for training - because in the company human resources are the biggest cost.


As somebody who works with Substance Painter and C4D:
just learn Substance. Get yourself a third Party UVW tool and leave all the troubles behind.


Currently, I tend to agree about using 3rd party tools to bridge the gap. That’s why I use Zbrush, Substance suite and 3D Coat for UVs.

However, for some people it is not an option, and also we know Maxon is working on Bodypaint. I don’t know when, but at some point it will get the much-needed love it needs to be super useful again.

There’s no harm in exploring what’s possible within the app for these people.


+1 for the bodypaint workflow write up / video : )
Thanks for being willing to do this.


How do you know they are working on it? Maxon made a promising blog post about it in 2016. What happend since? An uv Island scale tool.


They have written many times about working on improving UV and Body Paint.
Even on the MAXON website you have the mention:
"Cinema 4D Release 21 lays the groundwork for future UV enhancements, with an improved Texture / UV view that’s anti-aliased and faster. With the new UV Transform Tool you can modify UV points and polygons easily - tweaking position, rotation, scale, skew and distortion of entire UV sections easily. Further enhancements include a UV ruler display, option for quantized UV transformations and snapping support for UV points and edges. "


ArteKW beat me to it. I know in the interim it’s not much of a consolation, but I do believe it is in the plans.

Sometimes development happens at a glacial pace, and that is frustrating.

Substance Painter for instance, even though it is a very modern tool for painting materials, it STILL lacks the ability to paint across texture sets! It’s honestly ridiculous that the feature is not there yet. That feature has been requested for over 5 years now. They’ve announced it though, so I’m hopeful we will see it soon.

Ironically, painting across texture sets is something Bodypaint has been capable of since its release.

It just so happens that Bodypaint is outdated now. My goal was to shed some light on how the tool can still be used, even if it is not ideal. (It’s actually far from ideal)

Anyway, all the negativity (Not saying you are being negative Ceen…just the vibe on this forum lately has been very negative). It’s a bit disheartening and honestly unmotivating.

I have recorded some video showing the process I’m talking about. Just have to find the time and motivation to edit it together. The problem is that I have to show pieces and parts from some other software to show what would be ideal. While showing some very duct tape inspired work arounds that will “get it done”. (Albeit very painfully)

So let me take another approach -
What would people most like to see?

A workflow between C4D and Substance Painter?
A less hacky workflow using 4D Paint?
A hacky workflow that will get you by, using Bodypaint and some free Substance materials?

Just for the record: I fully encourage and suggest using Substance Painter and a good UV mapping tool.

My pipeline is Zbrush(as needed), 3D Coat (for UVs), Substance Designer/Painter, C4D R20


Thanks for your efforts and reply. :slight_smile:

At the moment I am most interested in point 3. So the workflow using Body Paint.

But I don’t know what you mean by 4D Paint? I guess it’s about a Kent Barber plugin, but I don’t know where to find it and what it does.

Thanks again for your efforts and help.

PS. In fact, recently the climate has become strange, but I, for example, chose Cinema 4D for my company after a solid economic analysis and the need for tools at our work. And Cineam 4D still turns out to be the best choice! :slight_smile:


4D Paint is a plugin that I sell from

It is a painting system built ontop of the sculpting system to allow painting with stamps and stencils directly onto your models. You can do real-time projection painting directly onto any selected layer in BP. In addition to that it has its own visual representation of the layer system to be more Photoshop’ish and allow for easier painting over multiple materials. There are also UDIM workflows and additional tools for materials and texturing. There is actually way to many tools and workflows in this package that I can’t really tell you everything it does in one small block, best to just download it and watch the videos.

R21 versions will be out soon.