Any interest in a tut on making R21 Bodypaint work like Substance Painter?


So I don’t even have R21, just playing with the demo. I tried doing a multi-channel painting setup that I’ve tried in the past starting around R15 or so…it was always too buggy and laggy.

I’m actually pretty impressed with how responsive Bodypaint is in the demo.

Is there any interest in seeing a tut on how to do realtime multichannel PBR painting that works similar to Substance Painter?

Here’s a realtime look at a sphere I just painted using this method.


That sounds cool! Sign me up.


Absolutely interested.


Yep, I’d be interested.


OK so obviously the Substance workflow is much more capable and advanced compared to Bodypaint, but I’m very pleasantly surprised at how they’ve improved the responsiveness and realtime view in Bodypaint.

One thing that is a bit of a hack is the need to use a displacer deformer to emulate displacement while painting…and it doesn’t seem to like realtime changes happening to the texture file it is pointing to (I’ve gotten a crash this way). So I will get that worked out and start putting together a short video showing this workflow.

Because I’m a big fan of the Substance suite, I’ll also be showing how you can use some of the free Substances available as source material, and a way to extract texture maps from those materials.


Well I apologize, as I got too excited that Bodypaint had apparently been brought into production-ready status.

I am experiencing crashes consistently when trying to paint the following channels simultaneously (the bare minimum needed for PBR workflow):

Base color (Diffuse)
Reflectance roughness
Displacement (height)

In game environments you can often get away without the displacement channel, but for film and VFX I feel it is necessary for realism.

I have consistently crashed the R21 demo 5 times in a row now attempting to paint on those 4 channels simultaneously. I originally thought it was because I was using a displacer deformer. But now I’ve tried without that deformer and it still has a hard lock up of C4D.

If you are still interested in playing, I can do a write-up, but I don’t think I will take the time to produce a polished video about it since there’s no guarantee it will work without crashing.

I’m using a GTX 1070 card…more than capable of handling the task at hand and I use it all the time in Substance Painter.

Sorry for my premature excitement.

Still willing to do a writeup.


Since Bodypaint is crashing, should we all just learn substance?


It might just be the fact that I’m using the demo of R21. It’s actually working ok-ish in R20. Not ideal, but workable.


Hey if anyone from Maxon is reading this, and needs someone that has the willingness and time to test Bodypaint’s capabilities moving forward, I’m available. :smiley:


I would love to read and see how you deal with Body Paint. I think crashes will be repaired over time if people use it and report it. Therefore, don’t be discouraged. I’m waiting for your tips and tricks. :slight_smile:


What have you been doing during the last decade of BodyPaint’s development freeze? Only now you consider learning a modern texturing toolset?

You don’t need to perpetually funnel money into Adobe’s bank account, there is a forever FREE alternative that has all the tools you need. The Sculpt and Painting tools are being rapidly updated by a very capable new developer which will make them a match for, if not exceed, any current software.


I’ve not been working in 3d for the last decade.

I’d appreciate it if you kept your tone constructive in the future.


I’m sick of this pushy Blender! And yet this arrogance in response. I have a company with a lot of people and we will not really change to any Blender, because in most cases it is a waste of time to re-train people in the new software. Waste of time, or money! Not everyone is a freelancer!


I’m sick of seeing Blender stuff too. It’s gone way beyond helpful ‘companion app’ stuff; it’s now just being endlessly peddled to spite Maxon. Sadly this forum is barely monitored so I don’t expect see it end any time soon.


Wow the Blender propaganda machine is STRONG! :joy: (I’m kidding.)

But seriously, Blender does look great. It’s just not of interest to me right now. I am watching closely though…

As for Substance, I have been using that suite of tools for 2 years now and I have ZERO regrets. I could have a perpetual license at anytime, but I have stayed on sub. As soon as they have full UDIM support for painting across textures, it will be pure bliss. It is amazing.

This thread isn’t about that though. Nor is it about Blender. It was about my renewed interest in internal tools within C4D because I thought that Bodypaint had seen some major improvement. It crashed for me non-stop in R21 demo…so I can’t confirm if that’s just an issue with the demo or not.


Thanks for your interest. If I can get a decent screen recording I’ll give it a shot. Last couple of times I tried, Bodypaint was locking up, and then when I tried to record, the vital part I was trying to show just went to a full black screen in the recording. Yay technology.


I suppose these are early version 21 bugs because a lot of things have changed in the interface. For example, they added OpenGl support in UV view.
Maybe you should report bugs on the MAXONA website

Thank you in advance for your explanations to Body Paint! :slight_smile:

PS. Blender certainly gets better, but I won’t train my employees or myself now, it would cost much more than the difference between a free Blender and a paid Cinema4D. I prefer to develop my knowledge of Cinema4D.


Any current software?

Right now, Pablo Dobarro branch isnt as close to Zbrush as you believe, and you cant go wrong having Zbrush on your arsenal. You cant compare one amazing developer and sculptor (Pablo) with a specialized app built 20 years ago from the ground to support and absurd amount of polygons with enough RAM and CPU power (Pixologic). I have to separate my models in Blender in small chunks while on the other hand, Zbrush wont even sweat with 30 million polygons or more.

For 3D painting, Substance Painter Smart Materials, particles, layer based approach, and a plethora of presets on Substance Source -1843 assets as of now- is way quicker to setup than Blender painting.

Unless you are using Krita or Gimp, you are paying for an Adobe subscription already.

Check the client portfolio of each major software specialized tool. For freelance work, yes, Blender is great. Its Free so you can exchange OBJ / FBX with Cinema 4D.

This may look simple, but I modeled everything here in Zbrush (sans the xparticle smoke) I started with the Rifle, then got carried away. As hard as I tried to do the same in C4D or Blender, I need a specialized tool for sculpting. I didnt knew Substance Painter at the time I did my work.

edit… language barriel skills.

second edit… sorry for hijack the thread with Zbrush guys… but at least I used the word “Substance Painter” on one of the sentences. Sign me in for any tutorials, Im always eager to learn new techniques and workflows.


First of all - you are very rude and arrogant.
And secondly - you have no idea what my company is doing and what we need best for work. Blender does not meet our needs at all, despite the fact that it is free, so give yourself your rants.


Why are you so full of rage? Seriously. I don’t get it.

I may have missed something though as I’m not reading every word in every thread here.

I was just trying to have a constructive conversation about Bodypaint/Substance in C4D and now it is being derailed with more Blender stuff.

I’m not being pro C4D or saying it is without faults. Quite to the contrary. I’ve found an issue with a feature I was going to make a tutorial on for the community. Now I’m trying to constructively work through that.

What Blender has to do with ANY of that is a valid question. And the answer is: Nothing.

I have no problem that you love Blender. It looks to be developing into a good set of tools.

Why do you have a problem with anyone that even likes, much less loves C4D?

Why the religious Blender fanaticism and pushing it down our throats constantly?

Use what you like. I’ll use what I like. I don’t have a problem with you and your choices so long as they don’t affect me. But see there’s the problem…your choice to continuously spam this C4D forum with Blender rants is affecting me now. This thread has nothing to do with Blender.

Can we please return to the topic? Thanks