Any free brushes we can use during the course?


Struggling a bit with trying to find proper brushes for rendering. I have currently only used the 2B Pencil, Flat Color 2 and the Concept Art Jitter Smooth brushes but none of them blends with pressure in a way that I find comfortable (especially size wise, perhaps I missed a toggle somewhere?).

Anyway, does anyone have any free brushes that are good for concept art? Perhaps David could share some simple ones similar to the ones he’s using.


Same here but currently I’m using dull conte


Hi there, I know this response is a little late now, but David says the basic brushes in Painter are pretty good, and the custom ones he made are available with any of the painter tutorials that I have on his Gumroad site:

I hope that’s helpful to you as you keep creating cool stuff. Thank you!