Any Development news from EIAS3D?


Just what the title says. I would love to hear an update on EI’s development.

P.S. - just saying it’s going well and have faith really isn’t an update!



Hi Kurt,

94 views and no reply…, that should tell us something. Seems to me that the remaining EI user base and EIAS3D team is no longer interested in participating in CGTalk discussions. BTW. what about Brian, no peep from him either in a very long time.

Best regards


Brian put his heart into promoting EI and got bitten in return. I don’t blame him for keeping silent. As for EI’s development, I suppose version 9 is right around the corner (though that could mean many more months). Still - I would like to see a document like this road map for K-3D :
Roadmap K-3D

At this time, I don’t know whether EI will remain the software for me. I don’t know what direction they’re heading in, or what features will be added at what future times. Tomas has said he wants a more ‘balanced’ development for EI, and that he wants EI to be equal with other software, to be fully competitive and feature rich.

So we’re all waiting. Some more patiently than others.


Hello Gents,

Yes… it has been a while hasn’t it? I can’t say that I have any more information than you do. With all this time, v9 should be one hell of an upgrade whenever we finally see it. But as far as promotion goes…well the new website is fancier, but they’re even more tight lipped with information than EITG.

I’ve pretty much moved on and EI as a production tool for me is history. I’ll check out v9 when it comes out. Maybe I’ll buy the upgrade… not sure yet.

In the meanwhile, if you want to see what I’m up to, check out my new website in progress.


Hi Brian,

good to hear from you :-). A very nice and quite informative site you have there. Very impressive demo reel too.

Best regards


Thanks Stefan,

Even more is planned. Keep checking back.


Hi Kurt, it’s been a long time…

For 16 months since the acquisition I think this is a quite impressive Roadmap:
(All this information is on the EIAS3D website)
January - Introduction of the EIAS3D Development Team
February - Creation of a bug tracking system, release the free MDD file format importer
April - Raytracing now using Multiple Processor Aware Camera
July - Windows and Mac Camera now Multi-Threading, working on 64 bits Render Pipeline. EIAS3D now on Vimeo.
September - EIAS3D now develop, support and sells these Konkeptoine tools: Antiqua, BlobMaker, Dew, DisAppear, Encage, Fire, Kmist, LightRig, Mr.Revolver, Mrs.Bebel, NPRShader, NX Shading System, Proxy, ReUnion and tailorTool
October - Release of the new SDK “EIAS version 9 Developer Kit”

Animator V9 will have a new 3D model import system and other things that I’m not at liberty to discuss that will certainly please the users.

Brian, nice to hear from you. Your new website is awesome! Thanks for the eye candies you gave us so far. The action on Battle LA is extremely impressive!

Being one of the EIAS3D Forum Leader, I can appreciate the effort and outstanding work you did with the CGTalk EIAS Forum. I could never thank you enough for your implication.

I am now the very proud grandfather of Michaël, son of my daughter Dominique and her husband Philippe! Best 3D model of the year!


Hello Richard, and thank you for taking the time to post. Yes, it has been an eventful time. Certainly the “things you can’t discuss” sound promising (without actually knowing what they are, of course!).

Congratulations on your newest arrival, this type of joy puts everything else in perspective.


Thanks Richard,

Once the Battle LA DVD is released, I’ll have some previs to show. I did update my Digital Domain portfolio with a couple of clips. I just have to do my POV portfolio now. Once that’s done, the website will be done with phase 1.

Looking forward to seeing what v9 holds…though I think you can agree that more info is needed.


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