Antialiasing issue in vue EXR multipass render (Vue and 3dsmax mr render)


Hi !
I am working on a project for which I am using Maya,3dsmax and Vue. I am using Vue version-2014.6 The software which is used to render the scenes is : 3dsmax 2014 (mentalray) & image compression which i am using is Zip 1scanline.
I am facing an issue with Antialiasing, while rendering our scene files into a EXR multipass(all passes combined into a single file). The multipass EXR which gets rendered is always coming out with jaggy edges and is not of high quality as in the render which we are getting from 3dsmax mentalray (masterbeauty and or color render).

Please do refer to the attached images:

  • EXR settings1
  • Exr_TextureAA_settings1

& also pls do refer to the images attached:

  • color
  • shadow
  • m_col
  • out

All the images attached in this path:

Can anyone pls help me out to sort out this issue?

thanking you

  • nj