Announcing CGS Connect


Dear CGS ‘Connect’ Member,

We have made major changes to our membership system, and we think you will be excited.

For some months now we having been working with key sponsors and vendors to build on our existing range of member benefits. They are all wrapped up in a new site, which we are launching today.

CGS Connect expands substantially on our great range of offers, and includes discounts on software, training, books, services and downloads. CGS Connect also connects you to a library of royalty free downloads placing a range of image, video, and sound files at your fingertips.

A few of our new partners include:

   * Imagineer Systems - Mocha
   * O'Reilly Publishing
   * Anistock
   * Digital Juice
   * egami FX
   * and more

What do you have to do? Nothing!

With your existing membership you can now access specials and discounts from over 30 vendors, and we already have more partners knocking on our door. We will be keeping you updated of new offers as they go live. We will also keep you exclusively informed about time-limited specials that we cannot publish to non-members. (Be sure to check out the amazing deal we already have on Mocha Pro.)

I also want to introduce you to Rod Harlan our Director of CGSociety Worldwide Membership Programs. Rod has been working tirelessly with the CGSociety team to get us to this launch on the eve of SIGGRAPH. However we are by no means finished yet. We have big plans to build CGS Connect to be an essential tool for every Digital Artist

We very much value your ongoing support of CGSociety, and want to say thank you. Our loyal CGS Members have helped enormously to underpin this new initiative and the ongoing development of the CGSociety Community. We cannot do it without you!

Be sure to check out the new CGS Connect site as soon as you can.

Andrew Plumer
CEO, Ballistic Media & CGSociety


Some of you may have had some issues with logging into CG Connect. Those problems should have been resolved by now. You just need to use your normal login.

Cheers, Mike