Announcement: Terraform4D - A modular terrain generator



after not posting here for a while, I’m back with an announcement of my upcoming plugin:

A modular, layer-based terrain generator for Cinema 4D

Build your terrain step by step from any number of operator objects. Each operator either adds features to the terrain (like hills, mountains, valleys, rivers, et cetera), or changes the existing terrain (e.g. terraces, glaciate, canyonize, folding, et cetera). Operators can be blended with each other using one of several blend modes, just like in your favourite image processing app. Masking is possible, too, using either Cinema 4D’s Fields, or the terrain’s own altitude and slope levels.
The operator shader helps creating a nice material for the terrain, by rendering altitude, slope, or Fields mask of any operator object.

Terraform4D focusses on workflow and art directability.

Terraform4D will be available soon for R20 - R23 on macOS and Windows.

Here are some example renderings
(Big thanks to my diligent beta testers!)

Best greetings from Berlin,


Whoa, looks nice!

For me, a big hassle with landscapes is to hide the edges of the landscape element. Does your plugin assist with that? (e.g. tilable elements?). Some of your examples look really vast, can you say something regarding performance?


Tilable terrains are not yet part of Terraform4D.

However, the plugin helps with hiding the edges of a terrain by:

  • Optionally pulling the edges down to a definable level (like the “Borders at sea level” option in Cinema 4D’s own Landscape object)
  • Calculating a curved terrain, so the edges will simply vanish behind the horizon

In practice, I guess many artists will also use separate terrains for background and foreground. After all, there’s more than one way to skin a cat :wink:


Looks interesting, I am always interested in more options for Landscape generation. Do you have website or a homepage for your plugin yet ?


There is, though it’s not completely finished yet:

And you can follow Terraform4D on Instagram…
…or Facebook:


I’ve been beta testing this and I have to say I’m really impressed, both with T4D’s functionality and its stability. It’s never crashed on me, not once. It’s brilliantly designed and put together, with a clever UI – it’s easy to get quick results, but you can dig deep and really create whatever terrain (or abstract forms) you like. Speed of develpment is pretty amazing too – Frank has been putting out new builds faster than we can install them! I think this is a great little plugin and has loads of potential for future updates. Highly recommended.


Thank you, that really warms the cockles of my heart :grinning:

@ all:
I just added a newsletter function to the website.
If you folks want to be notified when the plugin is released, you might want to sign up!

Just scroll all the way down, and you’ll see the newsletter form.


If you want to have an early peek at the workflow, here’s a video tutorial I recorded.
Complete with “cherman akzent” :joy:


Very nice!


Looking great, look forward to checking it out!


Cool video! It’s impressive to see C4D’s familiar tools and workflows producing new land mass :smiley: