Animation work - please critique!


Hello all!

Please click here or go to to check out my animations (and presentation in general). Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Any suggestions regarding the Flash portion would be awesome as well.

Thanks a lot!! :thumbsup:



well, i think you must put a pre-loader in each part (portfolio, etc) since in 1o load, you only see blue space… i enjoy the html part. good animations in 3D…


Don’t you hate it when over 100 people look at your stuff and nobody replies! I did not want to be one of those people so here goes…

You animations look like they are coming along nicely. You goalie shots look pretty nice. Although, some of the things I noticed, especially in the goalie shots in how still they seem. When he slides from side to side he just seems to pop into his pose…no secondary action when he stops. Your basketball animation looks good also. When he steals the ball it seems that there are perhaps some extra footsteps…as if his body is just waiting for his feet to make all those steps, and then he goes running. He already has the ball so unless he is dodging other people he would be off and running on his breakaway.

Overall things look like they are coming along nicely just don’t be afraid to loosen up your character and get away from the stiffness!


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