Animation short: "Me, Troll!"


This troll got a problem. One of his feet is the wrong color (not in the above screenshot though, ok), what can he do? Will our hero survive to bore himself another day?

See it all in “Me, Troll!”
[color=white](based upon an untrue story)



I really got to bump this thread, as I am very curious how you guys (and gals) like the style of the overall animation. So, any comments - be it negative - please, tell me.


Refer to my reply for your other animation as i believe my response to that crosses over to this aswell.


I used a one-shot throughout, practicly speaking because it was easier (and it has some style in my eyes).

Yes, I had that problem with the first animation… I thought I had fixed it with this 2nd.

But indeed :slight_smile: I haven’t. This practicly speaking is the 4th time I animate - and it’s simply a training project idea… I might check those books out - although in this instance I just used animation as a way of telling a story, it’s not something I want to do in the future.

Hmmm… wel, you are wrong… I’ve been into 3d for 5 years. The point of these animations wasn’t the graphics really - thus I just used visible bones - nor environment - thus the white world with shadows, but the idea of what one does to acomplish something and what may be the consequences of your actions.

Heh - looking back on the first one I think I deserved those crits - though this 2nd one is somewhat better in my eyes - learned from the errors of the first.

Cheers for replying, I should have more of your kind of replies, as they are helpful.


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