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hi, i was wondering if there are tutorials for beginners on character animation in maya. i’m a complete newbie in this and i need a tut tat can give in depth detail if poss. thnx


This is an AWSOME thread…:bounce:

Hey… does any onegot anylinks with Dialogue Audio files to download in it… so as to use it for acting out and animating… Thnx

Try gettin GNOMON Video tuts…they are really nice for beginners as well as experts too.


ASK is bad ass




good tuts


Hope helpfull


havent checked the whole thread tho… but can any one post some links of some good Animation Video Tutorials (espacially in Maya)? it would be really interesting to see how other people work… and also it wud be nice to compare techniques…

will be looking foreward for any reply



[left]Video animation tutorial for Maya[/left]


basic acting animation tutorial: :thumbsup:


Are you new to CG animation, or confused about your workflow? Not sure where and how to start animating and to determine an end point where you could call your animation finished? Have a look at my new Animomania Workflow Tutorial, where I’ll take you through a simple scene I created.

Animomania: animation workflow tutorial

Hope this helps some of you! :slight_smile:



These video tutorials are wonders for a beginner animator. Check out the videos on Walks, Bodymechanics and Non Linear Animation specially…


There’s a lot of great stuff posted here, but I would be ecstatic if someone could direct me to tutorials or a training DVD that covers just a basic walk-cycles in Max -without the use of Biped.



There’s a lot of great stuff posted here, but I would be ecstatic if someone could direct me to tutorials or a training DVD that covers just a basic walk-cycle in Max -without using Biped.



Here’s some of my collection of Links. Am afraid if some of them might be posted earlier too.
It includes the link to an interview with KEITH LANGO !
Check it out >

[left]Workflow – Blocking & Breakdowns -
[left]Workflow – Finishing Animation -
[left]Tutorial – Workflow -


[left]Manu Ittina -
[left]Satish Thokade -
[left]Keith Lango -
[left]Other Sites:

[/left][left]Principles of Animation -


this is a great resource thread.

but everything is sort of jumping back and forth, and up and down.

is there a site that sort of has papers, or tuts on basic stuff, then give suggested exercises,
then talk about intermediate stuff, then suggested exercise for those, then advanced, and suggested exercise for that? is a nice example of what i mean.

#76 or


I found a really cool parkour site with tons of videos of different moves for reference.

The great thing about it is that they shoot from all different angles so you can see exactly what is going on. I think it is supposed to be for people to actually practice parkour, but they are just awsome for animation reference.

I’ll post the dash vault that I am working on later tonight to get some feedback on it.





Tks very much for the links! :smiley:


i just joined, and this thread is exactly, why i did. I have passion to be apart od the worlds greates CG team but dont really have the skills or technology yet. these sites are interesting though so…