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If you’d like a batch of random ideas to get the juices flowing for a new project, I humbly present this little number…


Personnal website of the greats Ollie Johnston and the regreted Frank Thomas (who died recently, rest in peace ). Fathers of all of us. Tons of tips and trick.



Great organization and planning tool to keep your projects and goals organized. Also great for collaborating:

Its freeware too.


whoa…nice one sheep:)


The Posetool plug-in by Simo Sokerov

Animator’s Posetool or PoseTool for short is a 3dsMax utility plugin inspired by Steve Johnson’s script anipose. PoseTool’s purpose is to improve the character animation in Max. It gives you a unique combination of features that helps you bring your characters to life. PoseTool is not a complicated character animation system like Ch.Studio or CAT. It works with your own objects. PoseTool is simple and offers you a creativity and big pleasure of animating.
Here you can download absolutely free the superb plug-in for character animation


Some of my bookmarks:

Besides being a very great and fun site, it has got some reference shots and some article:

Under “extra’s” you’ll find articles like:
19 principles of Facial Animation -------- Shawn Kelly
21 principles of Lipsync animation -------- Shawn Kelly
etc etc etc

Some animation principles + 2d animation

Some nice articles

This page can’t be missed either ( dunno if it’s already mentioned, but there it is anywayz)

The unnoficial AMforum, by me and Alaxandre :smiley:

hope this helps some :thumbsup:


COOOL its great for the animation comunity , tanks for all guys.


I believe this is some motion capture data… very nice.


Here’s another one:

Quite intresting articles


great articles and interviews with animation heavyweights


Thnx Sheep, great site! :thumbsup:


My humble contribution to the animation arena:

It’s about… uhm… rigging robot/mechanical joints, including piston and hose. :slight_smile:


on screen drawing\sketching tools:


I’ve always been curious about this book “The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation by Ollie Johnston”. I’ve heard from more than one source that this is the Animation Bible but I have never seen it at a store.

I kinda want to see it before laying down $$$$ for it.


Yeah, that’s a standard in the animation industry. The reason you don’t see it in stores is because it’s been out of print for a long time, and is kinda difficult to locate. Don’t quote me on this, but I think I heard some rumor about it coming back into print again. It’s been a while since I heard/read that, though, and I can’t recall where the info came from. Could just be from my imagination for all I know. At any rate, it’s well worth it if you can track one down.



There is a reprint of Illusion of Life. I got it last year from amazon (uk) and it’s still available now.

Just thought I’d let you know.




Seeing that this is mainly a 3D website/Forum, I guess the concepts of the book still apply to 3D as a medium (At least judging from what you’ve and the other people are saying).

I did see the book available online.

What the hell…I’ll take the plunge and I’ll buy it this weekend.


I’m starting to animate and am playing with the trax editor, does anyone know of a good online tut?


The Animation Corner

This is a website where animators can upload animation tests, films, and character design artwork and sketches for feedback and review.