Animation Resource&Tutorial thread


I recommend the ‘Digital Character Animation’ series of books by George Maestri. Very helpful book and its not program specific either.


cant believe you guys missed one of the all time master animation sites…

Angie Jone’s:

Ooogles of information there she has tons of tips hints, all that!


Here’s a good one. I didn’t think I saw it mentioned yet:

the interviews are especially good:


very thanks for all you many help me :thumbsup:
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Here’s the faq from cgchar if you haven’t seen it:


Sevral linearly mixeable walk cycles: man-woman, heavy-light etc…

Good reference


Originally posted by eek
[B]I will try post my rigs and animation stuff up, soon need some webspace though.Ive got:

Quadraped rigs

Biped rigs

Advanced Facial setup

Walks, runs, jumps, gallops,etc. Character pieces.

All my stuff is based on ideas from when i worked at Framestore, London on Dinotopia. [/B]

i could host it for u, send me an email. Cheers and thanx for offering.


A Resources page for an animation class at Ohio State University I just happened upon:

Motion Studies through hand drawn animation - RESOURCES

Includes outside links to sites, some already mentioned here, and hosts copies of some good PDF’s I think I’ve seen elsewhere too, maybe some I haven’t…!

A list of just the PDFs:

Animating 4-Legged Animals
Planning for Animation, Glen Keane
The Animation Process, Ollie Johnston
Staging in Animation, Brad Bird
52 Quick Acting Notes, Ed Hooks

Storyboarding the Simpsons Way, Brad Bird

Figure Drawing for all its Worth, Andrew Loomis (24MB)


Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right

I got this book and It’s really great, I recommend it to anyone that has interest in facial animation!



Here’s a link to some independent animation:


-Bad Mange


Just did a couple of WalkCycle tutes in support of a walking characters project for ElectricImage.


the following two links are photo/animation galleries of Eadweard Muybridges (1830-1904) series of human ‘locomotion’. he invented a primitive motion-picture machine in1879, which recreated movement by displaying individual photographs in rapid succession…

photo series



here’s a link to some photo sequences I used for a character animation of a skater. They even got short text (in german)



very good book : Acting for Animators from Ed Hooks:thumbsup:


Lots of clips:


Heres another Muybridge site.


Great and quick lessons about the basics of cartoon animation.

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Dont know if people know about this site: but its brilliant. Just got to the download section and grab eveything!



The Zen of Lead & Follow:


High speed videos: