Animation Production - Reel 2019 REview


This is an Animation Production reel demonstrating some of my work and what I can do for you - using 3D, 2.5D, 2D and cutout techniques. Works shows has come from collection of a myriad of years experience and taken from 45 minute minutes of my best work.

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• Pavco
• NB North Bayou
• Cifes
• Mundial Soportes
• Ratoonz.ani
• 1000 Viajeros
• Ryoker


• truespace
• Softimage
• Blender 
• Bforartists
• Unreal Engine
• Krita
• Inkscape
• Google Services


• Technically Direction 
• Creative Supervision
• Pipeline Development
• Storywriting
• Conceptualization
• Modeling
• Lookdev
• Rigging
• Animation
• Illumination
• Rendering
• Compositing
• Editing

Products and Services:

• Creative Development
• Motiongraphics
• Infographics
• Commercials
• Product Showcases
• Music Videos
• Non-linear Media
• Shortfilms
• TV Pilots
• Webseries
• Transmedia


I have probably contributed between 80-90% of the work shown, with some special talents from Heyner Muñoz, Alejandro Perez and Miguel Stephens helping out with delegated work through the years. Thanks guys!


Kaleidoscópio-Você Me Apareceu

This video also showcases my new logo introduction for all future video - done with Animation Nodes and Blender 2.8/Bforartists 2 dev builds.

Comments and Critiques more than welcome! Hopefully this year I can do better work.

You can view a little more here, if you want: