Animation: Pilot of russian historical music-project


Nord russian history. Authentic scandinavien and slavic artifacts.
I would like to get some comments about my project from famous compitent 3d-web-source.

Thanks a lot an any case. :rolleyes:


Man, you’re really in the right direction, yet you have so much to work on. You’ve got like the 80% of the aim as i see it in the overall feeling. (excuse me for my english).

For example, there’s a point when the people there sit around the table (which isn’t around ;)) which looks convincing, and there’s the final camera moving which moves around them with a bit of shaking and then go out which is really good.

However, they walk as if they had a sweeper in their ass, I know you meant something about this strange walking, and i can feel what you wanted to achieve, yet you didn’t do enough. More then that, their lips and face expressions aren’t convincing enough to the singing, the dancing with the swords - well, I guess you wouldn’t want me to say “dancing with the sword” so i hope you understand what i mean - you have to work on this too.

There are only 3 more that aren’t key animating like those i said before:

  • It’s just too dark!
  • Some materials (mostly the buildings’ breaks) need some more work on them.
  • The hair seems to weigh much less then in reality. it’s a cool effect i must admit, yet it’s not realistic enough.

Keep on the good work, man! :thumbsup:

P.S I think this thread should have been posted in “WIP/Critiques: 3D Art and Architectural Visualization”, though it’s animated.


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