Animation: Kneel to Stand


Just finished this up for school, I’d like feedback if you have any =) thanks, file size is around 1.2 megs.

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Hi Tukata

IMHO the downward movement of the body when he steps forward is to much, you lose a lot of force and weight that way …
the way the arms are dangling looks a bit strange, I guess you are trying to avoid that lifeless feeling …

But the getting up is really nice, good anticipation, a lot of strengt in the movement and I like the way the head anticipates the movement of the body


Nice character, and great texture.

The animation is just a bit weird. The way the hands move during the time he moves from kneeing pose to standing pose. Also the bending of the knees doesn’t seem natural, I don’t think it adds. Try it yourself, knee down and get up. You’ll notice that your knees doesn’t contract down again once you reached the max height (probably a bit but not alot). Also near the end when he gets up, his body seems to be moving slightly to the right? What’s that for?

I think when a character moves from a kneeing pose to a standing pose both feet will move slightly. In your character only on foot has moved, and another has stayed still the whole time. Try it yourself move from a kneeing pose to a standing pose, your feet should move, unless it’s just me. Note, also your character has heavy armour thus it has a higher chance of moving it’s feet to keep balance when it gets up.

I like the way that you character is always moving, “Moving hold”.

Hope that helps. By the way these are just my opinions.


Thanks for your comments! Thanks for pointing out the foot, it hadn’t occured to me which is why I really enjoy getting feedback. I am a little hazy on which part of the knee animation you dont like it’s it when he’s getting up or as he’s settling in after he gets up? I do agree that I think I put a little to much emphasis on the settle and will make that more subdued.

Thanks again for your comments, they all help a lot!


Also the bending of the knees doesn’t seem natural.

Here I was refering to “as he’s settling in after he gets up”.


alright great thanks for the clarification, I’ll take care of that right away!


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