Animation & Illustration student looking for input from people within the industry for research on an assignment. Any information would be greatly appreciated


Please share from your personal experience what helps you manage your time and find balance between your career and home life please?


Honestly, it’s very difficult both studying something and working.
If you can afford, go full-sale education, or spend month/two half a year studying.
You can probably spend around 1 - 1.5 hours a day practising after work, but it will hurt your restoration phase.


Thank you so much for participating in my discussion board. Could you please tell me what a restoration phase is?


Sorry for my English, I meant recovering, i.e having rest.
I work full-time, and all I dream about is having my spare time being actually free to what I want, and not catching up with the project and learning on the run.


Gotcha. Have you considered taking on freelance projects?