Animation, Hair preparation issue



When I try to render a single frame from an animation, I get ridiculously long (like hours) preparation time on files with non dynamic hair - Hair Dynamics are NOT Enabled.
If I disable Hair, rendering start instantly. It really looks like c4d is calculating the animation of Hair, even if ther is NO dynamics.

For example this time, It’s a character (rigged) turntable, 1000 frames, but I wish to render frame 170.
Redshift, c4d s22, osX 10.13.6.

What am I missing, is there a trick ?

Any help would be much appreciated, I don’t find any solution.


Does frame 0 render fast ?


Yes pretty much. Did that test : I croped my animation range from 1000 to 10, rendering frame 1 takes 7mn, rendering frame 10 takes 8mn.


Just noticed you use RS, and I can’t be of help with that 'cause I don’t use it…
Vanila C4D-wise, the preparation on the beginning of a hair render is mostly for the population of each hair (more hair, more time to prepare) on the scene and during that time the memory consumption also increases. But your case seems to be the oposite. You say frame 0 is faster then the next.


Yup and like i said frame 0 rendertime 7 mn, frame 173 the most I waited yestarday was 32mn of preparation.
Very odd, I’m trying with a basic setup, sphere - add hair- animate - cut dynamics - 2000 frames, render frame 2000…
It render istantly.

So would it be about my scene hierarchy, some priority inifinity loop… ???
This really drives me crazy :’(