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What do you think of something open ended? Where the animator can come up with their own scene?

I had a little funny scene in mind where Shlitzy is in a job interview at Pixar. Buzz Lightyear is sitting behind the desk looking at a stack of applications and demo reels.

Shlitzy says, “…ummm, I haven’t worked in a while…”

Buzz looks up from the applications. " I hear ya brother…"


  1. Schlizty trying to buy beer
    whassup Jim? forget how to spell your own model…???:beer:

Shlitzy is in a job interview at Pixar. Buzz Lightyear is sitting behind the desk looking at a stack of applications

that sorta opens up a whole can of worms Will, were do we get another rigged model etc etc…


Hooch, I copied and pasted some of those topic suggestions. I NEVER EVER make a mistake. Yeah, right…

I will add William’s suggestion of an open ended topic and post a poll very shortly.



Originally posted by hoochoochoochoo
were do we get another rigged model etc etc…

There is a Buzz Lightyear model in the “Toys” project :slight_smile:


Rats! Sorry, I can’t figure out how to post a poll. Someone else want to try?

Thanks, Jim (Duh)


Start a new thread.
there is a checkbox at the bottom to post a poll


I tried that, but when I previewed it, only my first short sentence was shown, There was nowhere to enter the text for each topic nominee.



Done and done :smiley:


LOL, Will. That was hilarious!


if you want to work up to 90 seconds for your animation…

£3000 prize money too…


anyone have any funny scenario’s for a screen test they could throw up throw up? :lightbulb


they could throw up throw up?

Well speaking of … Schlitzy could throw up from too much beer at the screen test. Ewwwww .


Feel free to use any of them or feel free to just laugh at me;)

1.speaking with hiccups or slurring
2.insulting the writers in some way
3.insinuating sleeping “around” beauty
4.swinging pick-axe drunkily, cursing
5.singing high-ho drunk
6.trying to explain sleeping beauty is just sleeping it off
7.arguing why can’t he read for prince bloody charming
8.hitting on Snow White (or just the microphone on stand)
9.reading lines as Peter from Peter Pan
10.asking if anyone has seen his other slipper
11.AA introduction at the mic
12.facial gestures of “going to be sick”
13.Bud Lite’s “I Love You Man!”
14.checking mic…burbing into
15.spilling beer and then sipping the floor ala Homer Simpson
16.telling bad joke
17.insulting others in the Audition line
18.(cont.) joking on Dopey’s elephant ears…how he could fly - how disney came up with Dumbo?
19.speaking drunk nonsense, cursing, gesturing hat and big #1 finger
21.falling asleep, snoring, dropping to the floor
22. I’m not drunk, I’m just drawn that way
23. High- ho high-oh sh*****t
yadda yadda yadda


Holy cow, Kamps

some great ideas

Thank you!


You forgot drunking watching of the football (American or euro, your choice), maybe with money on the line?


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