Animation Contest Topic Ideas


Hey folks,

Since the voting is over about what type of contest we do next, let’s brainstorm a bit about what we want the animation contest topic to be.

I recall someone mentioning something like a drunken stupor. How about a silly dance, or just a walk cycle, run cycle, stumble and fall?

Other ideas?


P.S. In case you missed it, I posted the link to where you can get Schlitzy here:



How about a Schlitzy screentest for one of Disney’s dwarves and thus an explanation as to why he didn’t make the cut.
Personally, I hate doing walk cycles, mostly cuz I’m rubbish at them.

Thanks Jim for offering up your model, can’t wait to download it.


That’s a great idea pequod, a screen test should be simple enough for everyone to get it done in a reasonable amount of time (doesn’t require any fancy sets or anything) and could make for some really funny gags.

And thanks for the model Jim, he really is a fine piece of work (as are all your models). :buttrock:


I think the way to go would be like the “10 Second Club” and give the contestants 10 seconds of audio to animate Schlitzy to…it could be anything, dialogue, music, sound effects, etc.


hey Pequod…

How about a Schlitzy screentest for one of Disney’s dwarves and thus an explanation as to why he didn’t make the cut.

Sounds really funny! I can almost picture the sequence already but would you have a common sound file (who would produce it?) or can you think of a film sequence the audio file could come from?


“How about a Schlitzy screentest for one of Disney’s dwarves and thus an explanation as to why he didn’t make the cut.”-pequod

I like that idea, too.

Can’t people record their own sound? I think that would give more freedom to everyone. Plus it would be more interesting overall to have all different versions of the scene. But more work for the animators.

I might even try animating, ha!

Any other ideas?



I like the screen test (with our own sound idea) as well. :thumbsup:


I like the Schlitzy screen test idea also with recording our own sound. That could make for some funnny results.

Here are a couple more ideas:

Schlitzy is so drunk he cant even (insert basic task here).

Schlitzy runs out of beer.

Schlitzy getting home from a night on the town.

cheers :beer:


A few more ideas:

-Schlitzy at last call :beer:
-Schlizty trying to buy beer
-Schlitzy trying to mine a diamond that just won’t come loose

I still think the screentest is a great idea, though I agree we should be able to record our own sound. I’ve got several ideas and I’d prefer not to be too restricted. I’d also really like to see what other people come up with. The great thing about animating a drunk is you can go through the full range of emotions in less than a minute!



I think that’s since it’s an animation contest, there should be no sound other than dialogue for lip syncing. Mostly because I have nothing to record my own sound effects with and have no money to buy them, haha.


Zaryin…tons of places to find sound effects online, alot of them can be adapted to sound like something else. I like the screentest idea, but why limit it to dwarf movie why not Schlitzy as the terminator or in brando’s part in cat on a hot tin roof…“Steelllaaa!!”:slight_smile:


Maybe a scene from the movie “Arthur”?


So should we do a time limit? 10 seconds?


you just love your time limits Doug…!

first 15 days for a modeling contest now 10 seconds for the animation length…:scream:

Sounds good (even if I won’t be entering this contest) but what happens (as often happens) if someone produces a wonderful piece of work that is longer? I think I remember Shaun Freemans
cowbody sketch for “fast” on the AM list was a bit longer than the original length set?

How about maximum and minimum time lengths??


Well Hooch - we could use it as a guide only. We could say ‘roughly’ 10 seconds? That way if you need that extra 2 seconds … i was more thinking of myself, if I set the bar low enough I might get over it. How about max 3 seconds.



heck if it was only 3 seconds even I’d enter that.!:beer:

no I meant 10 seconds for a minimum time…

oh yes, just checked the AM Animation Contest page and they say animations could be any length. There is a requirement for common codec and image size that makes sense though…
They recommend 320 x 240 for image size.

I’d also recommend staying away from DIVX or any similar codecs but that’s just my opinion.


Where are people going to be posting their entries. Some people don’t have enought space to be posting a movie of over a meg.


I have some web space that I can offer temporarily. Hopefully the animators will do their best to compress the video to make it managable. I have some space on my .mac account that people can upload to (I think) but I will make sure, before any entries are done, how that will work.

As far as time limits, I think we should leave it up to the animator. If ithe clip is too short or too long, people might not vote for it. The animator is responsible for making it the “right” length for the action or scene. And they are responsible for finishing it, too. (One reason not to plan a long clip).



That’s fine of you Jim. So … are we gonna start this thing now or wait 'til after the holidays?

It seems to me, after reading thru this thread and others on this topic that :

-People want flexibility in what to do with Schlitzy.
-People wish to add the sound/dialog of their choosing.
-People don’t want any real time limits.

Sounds pretty open ended. Any more thoughts or shall we open it up to polling soon?


Yeah, let’s get going on this.

Here’s what we have so far:

1.Schlitzy screentest for one of Disney’s dwarves

  1. Animate Schlitzy to 10 second audio clip (TBD)

3.Schlitzy is so drunk he cant even (insert basic task here).

4.Schlitzy runs out of beer.

  1. Schlitzy getting home from a night on the town.

  2. Schlitzy at last call

  3. Schlizty trying to buy beer

8.Schlitzy trying to mine a diamond that just won’t come loose

9.Schlitzy screentest for other movie, Terminator, CAt on Hot Tin Roof, Arthur, etc.

By noon, if there are no other suggestions, I’ll put up a poll to vote on the contest subject (if I can figure out how).