animation constest topic vote


here you go Jim :slight_smile:


Thanks, David! You da man! Again!



very tempted to vote for “Schlizty” but…


Okay. So what do you guys think? Have we waited long enough for everyone who would likely vote , to actually vote? Or wait until tomorrow, so they have a full week?



did Obnomauk put a time limit on voting?


15 days as that seemed like it should be plenty for anyone interested in participating to vote.

looks like the snow white screen test is the winner by a fair margin.

-David Rogers


didn’t the last poll have 24 voters?

I’d say that even if those two returned, they’re unlikely to change the voting though.

Can’t wait to see those screen tests… are you joining Obnomauk?


So … did we agree on when it starts, finishes, rules and such?


Originally posted by hoochoochoochoo
[B]didn’t the last poll have 24 voters?

I’d say that even if those two returned, they’re unlikely to change the voting though.

Can’t wait to see those screen tests… are you joining Obnomauk? [/B]

Might, might not… my schedule tends to be herky-jerky of late. I’m working on rigging characters for my own short film, and spending far far too much time calling old contacts and trying to find new ones… so wether or not I have the time to fully participate is something I can’t be certain of.


I propose the following rules and time lines:

Rule 1: Each entrant must start a thread here in which to show their progress.
the thread should contain at least three progress renders of the animation (blocking, breakdowns and final or darn close to it.) Name the thread whatever you like but something like “[animation contest] Obnomauk’s WIP” would be most helpful

Rule 2: Any sound or music used must be either public domain or created yourself (or properly licensed.)

Rule 3: each animation should not exceed 30 seconds and should be no shorter than 10 seconds.

Rule 4: animations are to be no larger than 320x240 and should not exceed 2MB in file size.

Rule 5: Please… nothing inherently obscene :slight_smile:

Rule 6: any modifications to the original Schlitzy model are to be made available for public download for use by all contestants.

Rule 7: the contest will start January 1st 2004 and run through February 15th 2004 any entries submitted after 12 midnight -6 GMT (central time) on the 15th are disqualified. all entries should be in a common codec preferably mpeg-1 please no divX, Bink, EXE files etc. and viewable across platforms. Animations will be posted to a web location to be determined.

Judging will be done by the members of the forum and submitted via PM to Obnomauk. Votes will be tallied and the winners posted to this forum no later than February 20th 2004 any votes received after noon (again -6 GMT central time) on the 20th will be discarded.

Guidelines for judging will be posted at a later date (just so we are all on the same page when it comes time for that.)

Sets and props are left to the discretion of each entrant but are not required.

how does this sit with everyone? I figure this gives enough room to play in and more than enough time to finish 15 seconds or so of animation.

-David Rogers


It sounds well thought out to me. My only question is, can we start sooner than Jan. 1, 2004? I have some free time now and am trying to learn animating by using this contest as an incentive.



well who would know if you started now :slight_smile:

I was just figuring that the holidays would take up a lot of folk’s time. But you can unofficially start any time you might like as far as I am concerned.



I agree with Jim, starting earlier makes more sense. Since we already know what the topic is it’s possible people will get going early anyway. Other than that everything sounds good. I particularly like #6.



I think you only need set an end date as those wanting to start now will do so and those that can’t will find time as and when they choose.


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