(animated short) Robot Will Protect You


Hello there!
I’m writing here because I started a new ambitious animation project!
It’s a cyberpunk short film with mood and style akin to Miyazaki’s films (or… at least… that’s what I’m aiming for… better to point to the top, no?)

Everything is made in NPR (non photo-realistic) CGI aiming to obtain a hand-drawn effect.

This is a first concept art about the main characters:

And this is a simple view of the render passages for a flying bus:

While this is a more complex render of the city view:

How do you like them?
Hints, opinions, critics, suggestions, etc… are more than welcome!!!

And, if it’s not bothering you, I’ll keep posting in this thread all the stages of the making of.
Meanwhile, if you’d like to follow the project, you can do it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or by subscribing to the newsletter!

I’m still at the early stages and I’ve done everything alone… but if someone would like to help, you are welcome! (please send me a pm).

Looking forward to hear from you!
Warm hug


Here a first walking cycle test. How do you like it?



Out a first, short teaser!!!



Out now the full teaser!!!