animated figure filled with volume particles


trying to get a cached figure with animation to be filled with particles,. currently using pflow.
i have the figure as the position object but it doesn’t work properly when its set to volume (it doesn’t follow
the movement of the mesh it just rotates the particles is the shape of the first frame of animation?!

so I’ve put a lock bond underneath with the same object selected but this fails also…

my aim is to be able to render this figure with krakatoa. I’ve looked into the prt volume and it works well for a still but doesn’t work with an animated object.

whilst i’m here…can you fill an animated figure with fumefx without it giving off the smoke effect so its jsut the volume? then if i choose to I can add effects to that?

any help regards filling animated figures with particles appreciated!


Have you looked at the Krakatoa SkinWrap for the deformations?

You can create the particle volume at a reference frame using either PFlow or PRT Volume.
Then save those particles to a PRT file. Load in PRT Loader, apply Krakatoa SkinWrap, and set it up to follow the deforming mesh. You can then emit more particles from these deformed particles using PFlow if you need some trails or streams…

You can see an example of a particle character (using a Fu-Lum mesh from Dragonball:Evolution of all things) here:

The modifier documentation is here: