Android Studio (ARcore + Sceneform)


I’m just starting out in AR and using Android Studio (ARCore + Sceneform). Using Maya to export an FBX file with embedded media checked. Using a blinn for some of the object’s body and a semitransparent shader to represent glass. The issue I’m running into is the semitransparent shader is showing up 100% opaque in AR. I tried the following:

  1. Blinn shader, made it semi-transparent by sliding the ‘Transparency attribute’ slider to the center (gray). In Maya it looks great, I export FBX load it into Android Studio use my phone to AR and nope, it’s 100% opaque.

  2. Blinn, Driving transparencies using a texture with gray values in the ‘Transparency attribute’ using a file texture. Again this doesn’t work.

  3. Blinn, a PNG file with some transparent areas in the ‘Transparency attribute’ using a file texture. Again same issue, no transparency.

Is building shaders in Maya a bad idea? If so what would be a better alternative that translates correctly? Also, I just found out about the Stingray PBS shader. Will this be the best option in Maya to use with ARCore + Sceneform?

Would it be better to build the shaders in unity if that will translate material information correctly?


Can anyone please help?