Android Blues - character


I think it looked better without the black top.

Reminds me of the original Guns n’ Roses - Appetite for Destruction cover btw…


It’s great to see so much active and quality feedback. I have been so busy that I have been neglecting this forum that I started – sorry.

Personally – I liked the first version of this image. I would suggest a lower angle on the shadow on the rear wall so that the shadow dissapears of the left of the image. THis does not mean that you have to make the main light that low – thats the beauty of doing things in 3D. You can cheat on the lighting to heighten the mood.

I would also dirty up the scene – small amounts of rubish on the floor and dirtier wall. At the same time clean up the detail in the arm socket. Both these things together would heighten the contrast between the shiny robotic interior and the desolution of the overall scene.

I did like the idea of the strips of blue light entering from the top – although I would have tried making the strips wider and weaker and washing the entire scene with them… sort of a subconcious hint of light through prison bars reinforcing the desperation of the girl and her feeling of entrapment.


Thanks guys, the helpful ideas just keep coming. :slight_smile:
That top could be okay, but maybe not black, but dark grey. Bluer skintone is probably right. Cropping more of the legs looks better too. Focusing more on the screwdriver by putting it in her hand is good, but I had in mind that she just went limp as she gave up, and the tool fell to the ground. I don’t know, maybe the tool just needs to be a bit bigger and better defined.
Cheating the shadow, possible, but first I’d try to move the light and see what happens.
Yeah, if I didn’t have to worry about public opinion I might have made her nude, but we’re showing this to investors, business people in Malaysia and other places, so that’s out. :slight_smile:
I won’t work on this anymore right now, too busy… but I’ll come back to this thread and take careful notes, at some future date when I want to ‘fix it up’.


The one with the black cloths on kind of gives me the impression of a failed escape from a kind of facility its really sadning actually :sad:

I like it :smiley:


Hi Steven,

I don’t know if it was already mentioned, but I would think it might help to put her hand in the face. Like she is crying and holding her face not to show us her tears because she has just discovered that she is actually not human…


Hey, Steve

Violated, victumized, junkie and prostitution has been mentioned over and over and that was my first impression as well. The thing that striked me was that the rest of her body is too clean! There is no dirt, scrapes, missing hair, broken skin with metal showing through or rips/dirt on the skirt.

The enviroment looks concrete.Think about what it would take to rip a andriods arm off or a humans arm for that matter!! Unless she was switch off or comanded to stay still, I think there would be a survival instinct that would cause the her to struggle. Did she fall in the struggle? How was the arm pulled off? Was she grabbed by the wrist and a force applied somewhere under the side of the ribbcage? Was she swung around by the wrist? Bouncing off the walls and when the arm came off did she fly in to the wall or skid along the floor in a out of control tumble?

Somebody mentioned the animatrix scene which is a good case in point!

I like the overall look to your original picture, with out the black top. I think the title distracts from the main focus- the girl. I also liked the little chrome disc part that was between her legs.

Anyway this is my logic!

Steve, you do awesome work, as always, keep it up!!



She doesn’t look sad… more like tired and exhasperated. She has some tools on the floor. If she had a little sweat droplet on her hair I could say “Maybe she ran out of spare parts” but that would turn the whole thing comic :slight_smile:

Mayhaps tears on the floor, even if you don’t see the crying eyes. Like someone mentioned, her hand in her forehead, her legs not so spread apart.

Seeing it with the current illustration I’d say she may not even be active. Her body is limp, no limbs express emotion. Maybe she just realized that she is nothing more than an expensive, thinking toy, some rich boy’s present for his birthday. He played and played, she always smiling and happy to obliged until the toy broke and she was tossed in back alley, near the dumpsters. She now tries to repair herself, trying to please her owner once again, but the little LED in her eye flases, battery is low and no matter her efforts, the screens go black and her “self” is spent in a final, unnexistant tear.


really well thoughtout image.

here are my thoughts
reminds me a bit of Bladerunner, AI, animatrix, anti heroin adverts
I like the decrepidness of the location but I think it should be worse, maybe some industrial air vents or something might make it look like shes had to seek refuge in a really crappy place. puddles, rotting cement, rain damage

and rough her up a bit like shes been through hell (twigs/leaves in her hair?)

if she had cobwebs attached to say her feet it’d look like she died ages ago and her absence is still unoticed


You aren’t alone. My first impression was the same down to the last detail.



Pretty much evocative , but my eyes gets confused where to look, should I be intrigued whit the screwdriver, or the hole of her ripped arm, or maybe the cracks in the wall ,the bluish light strips?What i mean is that you should consider where is the center of avtivity, attraction, attention in your image.The focal point is a component every masterpiese should have. Without a focal point, a spectator will lose interest quickly because he does not know where to look and what part is the most interesting.There are three things that can draw the spectator eyes where should, these are color, contrast, and structure! Complimentary colors should do the work! “Why , Martin, why?” - simply , because the human eyes are attracted to complimentary colors.


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