Android Blues - character


(This is in the focused crit forum as well, I want all kinds of comments.) What emotion if any does this evoke in you?


It transmits a great sense of sadness and lonelyness (the blues!).
The droid is not deactivated, it is not dead. The droid is depressed and demotivated. SHe’s lost something more than the arm, maybe much more.
The droid suddenly realized she’s not a free being. She realized she’s prisoner of her own technology (her technical specifications).
Maybe the walls around her are those of the prison created by the limits of technology…

A great piece. I would not even improve it technically. It’s apparent roughness is key to the message delivered by the image.



When I looked at this picture, I asked myself following questions:

Where is the arm ?
Where is she ? Captured, in a prison ?
What was she trying to do with the screwdriver, fixing her right arm, but where is the arm ?
What’s that metal cap for, next to the screwdriver. I know it’s part of the arm mechanics, but what does it do ?
Why hasn’t she got much clothes on ?
Is she a prostitute android ?
Did she get abused and that’s why the arm is missing, because she ended up in a fight ?
Where is the arm ?

Some other thoughts; she must be an android with feelings, because she makes a very exhausted and kind of “lost hope” impression.

Emotions: You kind of feel sorry and want to help.

P.S. I like the subtle SSS effect :wink:


Thank you! Very nice words. Not sure why she doesn’t have much clothes on, maybe she lost her shoes running, and her top, well to access her arm-hole she had to remove it I guess. let me know if you think I should something sleeveless on her.
You guys seem to be getting the emotion I was after. I wanted some feedback first without giving the background, to see if I was on the right track. Looks like it. Okay so now here’s the

All androids are programmed into experiencing a fake childhood (the best way to approach ‘human-ness’ in an AI).
But this particular unit was disconnected too soon, and now she feels like a young girl whose whole family has suddenly died.
She wants to die too, but of course her program won’t allow it. Now she’s lost her arm, and she’s been framed, and she’s alone and hunted, and she can’t do the adjustment with one hand, and…
She drops the tool and starts crying.


Ok, I was probably wrong about the prostitute bit. Have been watching too much Law & Order SVU :wink:

Are these concepts for a shortfilm ?

Anyway, forgot to say it’s a great image :wink:


Really strong image. A few thoughts:

Missing arm looks cleanly removed – detached, not torn off with ripped flesh and exposed, fizzing wires. Whoever removed it knew what he/she was doing.

You say, “she can’t do the adjustment with one hand”. Not clear what adjustment she can make with a screwdriver and the knob from an Easy Bake Oven (sorry, it’s the first thing I thought of). Override her programming to commit suicide? Or find a way to break out? Is she imprisoned or in hiding?

I assumed that she’s been living under the illusion that she’s human, that someone (perhaps her creator) has told her the truth and proven this to be true by removing her arm. Perhaps she removed it herself, but since the arm is missing and she has naught to work with, this seems unlikely. The bra with the drooping strap is a nice detail – that and her position makes her appear more vulnerable. And the skirt implies that she just found the truth today. If she were fleeing she would probably be dressed more appropriate for running. The color, texture and crack in the wall makes for an appropriately bleak setting. Great work!


Almost forgot –
No shoes or socks, no shirt, sad and scared body language (missing arm especially) reminds me of a doctor’s office. I like the effect.


My first impression is that she is a junkie that has just OD’d. The screwdriver is where you’d expect to see a needle. She sold her arm to get her last fix.

Ok, so I’m warped!


Decided to check on this post to about the background. Just know that one of the biggest questions of all time is, “what is she smiling at”. The human imagination will take this image further than the story it tells.


(At first, I thought it was a syringe lying on the ground as well, that she was a doped-up, passed-out android girl that someone had had a bit of fun with. From that, I didn’t really get much of a feeling, more of a ‘drugs are bad’ kinda thing. )

On the second viewing, realizing what’s actually going on, I feel more like it’s hopelessness that defines the picture. Something’s led to her being in the state she’s in, and at the same time it’s made her give up all hope. I think it’s her desire to be human that 's done it.
She looks like she wants to cry, but I don’t see any tears - maybe she wasn’t designed to. Now that her artificial nature is exposed in the way it is, she can no longer pass as a human being - which she ultimately never really could anyway. This realization and the destruction of her self-image as someone that can be accepted by the “normals”, i.e. human beings, is the source of her despair and hopelessness. No-one likes having their weakest points and their greatest fears thrust out into the open.

well. could be like that, anyway. :slight_smile:

nice work, once again.


Here’s an update, thanks for the help.
(I’ve also seen her as a junkie when I look quickly, it’s hard not to. How can I make her look sadder and less unconscious, without showing her face? hm, tough one. Maybe I have to show her face.)


The first thing that came to my mind was The Animatrix, The Last Flight of the Osiris. There’s the part where the humans ar trashing the androids, where there’s one screaming woman tossed around by men and then she’s torn apart. This could be a similair girl.

It gives me the same feeling the Animatrix did.


Here’s another version with some floorlines, and a second character - a man in a suit.


violated, disrespected, & victumized.


i’d have second mainly what RAv3N mentioned…the blues…demotivated…depressed.
the mans leg starts to change the look i think…think i actually prefer it without…otherwise its far to contrived…imho as always.

(one comment not on evocativeness…but on the actually seated position…doesn’t strike me as particularly comfortable…and i think if you were that drained/tired…you would be more comfortably seated (do droids dream of comfort!)…eg sit on the floor and then put your right leg in her position…i think the foot would be more turned outwards rather than inwards…just a thought…however this would change look a little also…if leg was in current position you would get feeling muscles would be more tensed in upper part of leg…dunno maybe i’m wrong on this.

also i don’t think you should concentrate on making it more oppressive or violated/victimized afterall she has already lost her arm and presumably is confined in someway…how bad do you want this poor girl to have it! heh heh.

cool image though as always steven…looking forward to seeing updates.
i like the tool idea…could also try something more emotional or related to the subject…eg photograph …not keen on cliche of it…but you get my thinking…


Okay, I’ve turned her legs to be more relaxed, added more outline to be more consistent, tweaked the arm hole and deleted the man’s leg. (overwrote number5)


i know its supposed to be focussed crit…but just want to say respect and kudos for the leg re-align…
i think the arm/hand is a little big/fat…but not based around any anatomy crit…just feel i’m afraid…also rather man like atm.

can i ask what you would like to say with the image as opposed what you think it says? maybe these are one and the same but kinda curious…
don’t like to focus crit on technique as think we should try and concentrate on feelings/emotions/evocativeness whatever that is…if you get my meaning…cheers.

just had an after thought…if you want to increase the feeling of isolation maybe a less tight shot would help…dunno though sometimes you have to try things to know whether they work or not…hope these help in some way…my random ramblings…heh heh…keep up the good work bud.


The main thing that makes her look like a junky, besides the angled perspective and her being against a wall is the screwdriver laying like a seringe.

she looks passed out cause she doesn’t show any muscle work… i mean… lacks tension… a sad person needs to transmit some tension, (like her legs bent and the other arm keeping them close with her head between them, or more subtle like she could be grabbing her chest with the other hand) or just making a fist…

i understand why the screwdriver is red, but the scredriver is the source of her depression, therefore i believe it should stay black- blueish, if u want to add some collor, how about some purple in the hair? ok, i think i’m a bit out here specially cause you are a master when dealing with collors :smiley:

i know that what i said goes against what most people say here… well, thats just what i think :slight_smile:


Really nice and strong image till now; it really puts your thinking about it…

I’d like to see her face, but to just see the contours. Would it be an idea to put her head a bit to the light, looking to the window? And maybe a shadow of somebody else would also be nice :wink:

I like the bled you see at her cutted arm; it shows its not done with respect. Also the lines and sharp look is nice!

Good luck!


I find the effect of this picture curious, puzzling, like the ultimate effect is not the intended effect. I think you intended poignancy, like that of seeing a child’s doll in the trash. But I don’t think it serves the subject. Your exquisite execution unifies the work and is savory in the extreme but it interrupts the stark quality the image wants. The face is hidden behind straggling hair, slumped pose of a propped up mannekin, barren and dilapidated setting, stark ominous shadow. In other words, all the necessary elements are there, skillfully selected and treated, but you seem caught between illustrated fantasy, and real film noir grit. I think you have to risk letting cg work for you more, to establish evocative lighting and texture. You have taken the sumptuous technique of figure and pinup fantasy and juxtaposed it with a few trappings from the scifi genre. You are very sensitive to the expressive effect of pose in the western figurative tradition and how to use it compositionally. You may be less sensitive to the expressive devices of the cinema and how they have informed our emotional response to images. But I am sadly lacking in such awareness myself. The image is beautiful but slightly closed off. I think you need to be less refined in you treatment possibly. I am thinking of Picasso Blue Period.