André - Shortfilm Character (Hair done, Char WIP), Jonathan W Rodegher (3d)


Title: André - Shortfilm Character (Hair done, Char WIP)

Name: Jonathan W Rodegher

Final version of the hair for André. Of course before I “sign off” the character I’ll do another pass of fine tweaking, but for the most part the gist of the concept is done. It has been fun getting to grips with Xgen finally, and with fun I mean some insane laughing and hair pulling (I’m bald so the hair pulling has been literally inside Maya). And now you know why I’m not a commediant too.
So, that’s basically it. Stay around for more stuff about this character.



Hey Jonathan.
Me gusta mucho!

I am digging the style of this, I’d love to hear more about your short film. Looks great.



great work ! love seeing work in progress. :slight_smile:


Hey thank you guys! Apppreciated.

Goldenarms, you’ll see some more stuff about the shoftfilm as I finish the character. Before I’m doing a still with this character though, as a pre production stage.

Hannah, there’s some more WIP images in this WIP thread if you’re curious to see.

Chees guys.