And the winner is....


Congrats to stephen, truly a fine animation there. you get to post the Golden Schlitzy on your web page.

What does everyone say to a new modeling contest starting in march?

post your topic ideas here and we can get it set up.



Congratulations, Stephen! It is a wonderful animation that deserves to win.

I offered a copy of Jeff Lew’s “Learning 3D Animation” to the winner. So send me your info in an email , and I’ll get it out to you.



Yes, it was a well done piece! :applause:


Carl Raillard


Everyone did such a great job. Congratulations everyone.


:wavey:Thank you thank you thank you, I’d like to first thank my mum for having me…
I have to agree with Zaryin, everyone who participated did excellent work, and now we know Mr.Talbot’s skill doesn’t just stop at making those pretty models.
I shall have to dust down my web site which hasn’t been touched for years to make room for my Golden Schlitzy.:slight_smile:

Onward to the next modelling contest!


And here is your official, personalized Golden Schlitzy Award!




Ooooooo! :bowdown:


Carl Raillard


Congrats Pequod. I knew you would do it :slight_smile:


You have to update your webpage? Does this mean you might put up more Briar Rose stuff? pretty please



Congratulations, Stephen! Nice work! :smiley:


Cheers everyone for the congrats.

Here’s a link to my updated, rather cheesy web page and I’ve put a slightly better version of the Schlitzy movie up (scroll down to the bottom of the page for the link)

I’ll rummage around for some Briar Rose WIPs and post them here later:)


Congratulations dude. That is one shiny Shlitzy…

Zack likes shiny objects…

Shiny shlitzy is gold…

Zack likes golden shlitzy…



congrats Steven! Lovely piece!:beer:


Wonderful stuff gang, this should be shown to the people at the main hash forums…

Did I hear someone mention modeling contest?

if so count me in :slight_smile:


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