Ancient Bath House


Hey guys :smiley:
I’ve not been doing much to it for the past few days, been lazy :smiley: But I will indeed keep updating.

Here is where I am at so far…


Hey this is really cool stuff man! The stones are really coming to life now. Tiles seem fidgetty no matter what you say, heh.


Holy crap my pants, that’s amazing!!!

Wowzers…Just really incredible work!!!

Keep it up!! :slight_smile:



Thanks guys, i’ll keep it going :smiley:


Fantastic work and skill you are showing here, I really like the 1st pic you put up, like the perspective lines on show etc… Looking very technical and fresh at the 1st stage. I look forward to seeing this progress :thumbsup:


I love the perspective construction ! Very good ! Should a great piece ^^
I’m in a hurry to see the end


youve chosen a very good point of view!
cool lighting!

though i think it looked better when the background was all blue at the start…that really added to the depth of the image!

keep it up!


thanks very much guys :smiley:
Don’t worry about the blue background, I just did that initially to simply sketch out the ‘space’ of the room, but now i’m filling in the area properly, so hopefuly the depth will return once the elements start coming together.
I did paint in a rough waterfall today during lunch, but my machine at work keeled over when faced with saving the PSD and photoshop ran out of memory. The waterfall layer and someother bits and bobs seemed to escalate the PSD file size from 250megs to almost 1000 megs. I did manage to save most of the progress by making a new canvas and transferring layers over… anyhow, that will teach me to keep an eye on my PSD’s before they get to a nasty size :smiley: i’ll post later on tonight when I have an update.


Uhm…Could you tell me at what resolution you’re working at, that’s horrendous. :surprised

I mean I have some files runnnig at 23 Mb but not much more I think. heh :D…uhm, :rolleyes:


sure, i’m at 11,300 wide at the moment. Habit :smiley:

I find it’s having a few layers that puts the meg up though . I don’t normally work this big, it’s more a by-product of expanding tha canvas as I progress and I forgot to scale it down to compensate. It should be much nicer to work with now.


Small update, got some work done tonight but I’ve been lazy and did nothing yesterday. :smiley:

I did a large amount of damage, but deleted it all because I was not happy with it… so here is where I am now:


Thats looking great, there is a perspective problem with the column in the right foreground. the column looks as though its bending away from the base. The base needs to be exagerated more especially the far right corner where it meets the ground. JH


Good catch! :smiley: thanks, I’ll sort that out.



More progress…


Looks amazing, is this really just a concept sketch? Is this a personal project, or professional? Enquiring minds want to know. :slight_smile:



Same here. You have no idea how much I am learning just watching your progress. Please no big steps! :slight_smile:

The angle is so amazingly odd but still great.


Hi Rebeccak,

Yes it is a personal project, Its for a short animation that myself and some friends are making, it’s in the concept stage at the moment and this is for the environment. The script currently has the environment based in a blizzard, but I think I prefer this treatment better.

Desp#2/Rog: I’m glad you find it useful, thanks for the support :smiley:


Started the waterfall this lunch break…


waterfalls looking god, I like how the light is falling across the back wall, this will be very interesting to see as a 3d model, very interesting indeed


This is beautiful! Makes me want to go swimming, the weather here is 100 degrees.
can’t wait to see the final painting. I love waterfalls. No crits, just admiration.:applause: