Anatomy Thread of justjake




It’s getting harder and harder for me to upload all of my art here now, for numerous reasons.

I upload on two other pro-art forums besides here, all at the same time and generally with the same content. Each site has it’s own quirks with uploading, but they are all blown away by Instagram. On Instagram, every night I can just snap my drawings for the day, make a collage, paste in the hashtags, post and it’s done, all on my phone and it takes two minutes. I can’t do that every night for three different forums.
I upload my artwork for feedback and accountability. Here, and on the other forums too, feedback is naturally 100 times better than Instagram. However, now that I have my accountability (that I am studying almost every day) on Instagram, I don’t feel like I need to come here and prove that I am drawing day in, day out.
I like my thread on this forum. I like how it is just a great big WALL of life drawing. I want it to continue, but the bridge between my sketchbooks and these forums is getting harder to cross with every upload.








Focusing on “colour” now for a while whilst still trying to maintain my anatomy.