Anatomy Thread of justjake




Had a bad week for drawing, including a long weekend away from home.


Drawing has got a little patchy recently. I’m going to expand the studies I do soon now that I have had the habbit nailed down for a while now.



I start life drawing classes again soon, that’ll be good!


The daily habit is coming back to me. Changing my study, holding the pencil different, drawing boxes and “gestures” mostly now, it’s fun, I like it.





These were rather bad photos unfortunately so had to adjust the levels on a few.



Some life drawing, some figure study and some facial/features studies.

Doing a quick head/face study is something I need to work on, always turns out horrible.

The facial features are kinda fun to bust out in bulk, but they get frustrating. There seems so little to draw but the difference between my sketches and the source material is always massive.

Sometimes when drawing the eye I find it helps to draw a circle first to represent the eyeball. Then it is easier to place the eyelids and eyebrow as they wrap around the sphere and sit ontop of it as the eyebrow does.

I have got more sites that I study from now. I was originaly using:

Another similar site I found would be:

And finaly, something a little different:

Offers a very good anatomy study tool that is a little unintuitive and I don’t think they have quite got where they wanted with it yet.



My tutor was really big on us getting the “values” across in my latest drawing session. I feel sometimes he pushes for a contrast that I feel is too strong. I’m not the tutor though so I slave to his command.


So I’ve been studying a little while now, and whilst I will never stop studying, I think I can find time to draw some of the things I wanted to draw when I first started. After I do some anatomy study, I may spend a little time on a proper drawing. A drawing that I will spread over multiple days.


My life drawing tutor seemed really pleased with my progress over the past year, which was great to hear!




I don’t think it’s the length of the arm, or size of the head, that feel extremely wrong in this sketch (they do play a part though).
Rather, it seems to me that the main issue here appears when you compare the size of the chest (rib cage, that is) and pelvis. The chest appears quite oversized compared to the pelvis, and vice versa (pelvis undersized compared to the chest).

This problem is caused for a few reasons:

  • The size of the gluteus muscle, that appears too small (and too short).
  • The protruding chest (looks almost like a pigeon chest).
  • The very small waist.
    If you look at the angle created between the gluteus muscle and the hand (marked it with red in my edit), you’ll see what I mean when I say that the butt looks way too small. This actually amplifies the implied waist size, making it appear even smaller; which already looks small due to the oversized chest.

On some lesser notes I feel that the clavicle should be shown more, rather than have a very smooth transition from the neck to the sternum. Perhaps make the abdomen “sag” down a tiny bit, considering she’s leaning forward. The breasts feel a tiny bit too much high (consider the shape of the rib cage from the side). And bring one leg forward to create a slightly more balanced pose.

(also marked the implied shape of the torso with red)

Hope this could help!